04 May 2015 @ 05:34 pm
Title: Can't say since it's a Big Bang

Genre: RPS, Slash, hurt/comfort, angst, A/B/O, Omega!Jensen, Alpha!Jared, explicit content, slavery AU, omegas are treasured AU,

Pairings or Characters: Jared/Jensen, minor/background Gen/Misha

Type of beta you'd like: Everything, my spelling and grammar shouldn't be too bad but it would help to have someone look it over. I need to have someone make sure the word flow, plot and characterization read well.

Length: WIP, at least 20K

Short Summary: PM me and I'll send you a summary

Turnaround Time: Depends on posting date, the draft will ready around May 12 (sooner if necessary), Big Bang posting starts June 1.
Title: Under wraps
Pairings: J2 AU
Type of beta: Spelling, grammar and plotlines.
Length: Around 22k, for now.
Short Summary: J2 AU, bottom Jared. Dark fic with past non-con situations.

If interested please contact me via PM. Thanks in advance!
02 May 2015 @ 11:41 am
Title: Unknown (Suggestions would be welcomed)
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Derek Hale (crossover with Teen Wolf) Alpha!Dean/omega!Derek (nc-17, Dub/non-con)
Type of beta you'd like: All - anything, but especially SPaG.
Length: Right now 2.7k (it'll be under 5k)
Short Summary: A sorta basic porn ABO, true mates kind of thing. Arriving in BH to help an old friend and hunter (Chris Argent) of their dads, Dean an alpha catches the scent of an omega, but not just any omega, but his omega. This initially was only supposed to be a few short snippets for a prompt box challenge - however between, time running out (due at the end of last month) and my muse dangling porn. Point is I am still writing it. I have an end scene in my head. There is a possibly of writing more in this, if anyone is interesting in playing plot bunnies with me of where to go from here, or just leave as is? Atm, they are finally locked in a room, so it’s only the porn scene next. I’ll be able to send it out tomorrow evening.

THANKS! I have someone =)
I am hoping to finish my bigbang entry by the closing date and assuming that I do I would desperately require a beta.

The story is J2 with bottom Jensen, and is kind of a take on a slave-fic, and there is an instance of dub-con, but not in the traditional sense.

Jensen is stolen as a boy and prepared to become a rich mans toy, however things don't exactly go to plan.

I need help with grammar, in particular punctuation, but would be grateful for any and all help.

PM me if you want further details as I didn't want to give too much away here.
Title: Under wraps
Pairings: J2 AU
Type of beta: Spelling, grammar maybe to double check plot flow
Length: Complete and around 122K
Short Summary: J2 AU,Mpreg with bottom Jensen, with past non-con situations.

This is my J2-SPN BB piece. It's been beta'd once but I try for Big Bangs to have it looked over twice for at least spelling and commas which are not always a strong suit or if I missed any corrections the first time around.

It has 19 chapters and I'd prefer someone who uses Word with review changes but not totally needed. Any takers can PM me here.
Title: under wraps as it’s possibly a bigbang
Pairings or Characters: Wincest Sam/Dean (nc-17, non-con)
Type of beta you'd like: All and anything, but especially right now an alpha to read get fb on direction.
Length: Right now close to 12k
Short Summary: Post S3 Sam saves Dean, wip, mainly Sam’s pov

I signed up for the spn_j2_bigbang with hopes to finish this however le muse has been stubborn. However this morning I passed a major stumbling block \o/ I don’t know if I’ll finish the rest in time for drafts due (or even if this story is actually 20k long, it might not be – if not I’d like to finish and fulfill it for the wincestbigbang.) Regardless I’d like to finish it and have ready to post this summer (early June to mid July the latest).

If interested please contact me here or PM (with beta in the subject line) - Thank you in advance!
21 April 2015 @ 09:10 pm
Hey there! The J2 Big Bang Deadline is looming and since I have kind of a hefty beast, I figure my beta reader should start now though it's not quite finished. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say about my fic since they're big on keeping hush hush til the grand posting, so I'm erring on the side of caution

Title: Wincest WIP
Genre: Wincest, kinda smutty
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Sam, OFC/John
Type of beta you'd like: Plot and Sam-voice (never can figure him out)
Length: Part one of two. This one is 75k and almost finished. Can't imagine more than an extra 5-10k left.
Short Summary: Sexually explicit content that contains incest, bloodplay, emotional hangups involving sex, and mild BDSM.
Turnaround Time: The deadline is May 1st for me to submit. So, um a weekish? Wow, I should have posted here sooner.
Also: Help! :P
18 April 2015 @ 01:49 pm
Title: spn_30snapshot verse
Genre: Fluff/Kidfic/family/Weechesters/cutey/sweet, Very G/PG
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Dean (no sex or kink, just loving feelings for one another)
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling/rephrasing
Length: Drabble/Stand-alone
(Estimated) number of words; under 600 words
Short Summary: I am partaking in the 30spnsnapshot challenge and I have a few short fics I need a fresh pair of eyes on.

❤ Thank you! ❤
Title: If The Sword Fits...
Genre: J2 AU, fairytale, kink
Pairings or Characters: Jensen, Jared
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/flow/ characters/ content.
Rating: probably mature.
Length: about 3,430
Short Summary: All omegas only have one true mate who can knot them. The time has come for Prince Jared to find his.(Originally posted on spnkink_meme.)
09 April 2015 @ 06:35 pm
Title: none yet (two fics)
Genre: Slash/RPS
Pairings or Characters: Jared/Jensen, side characters from the CW family will appear
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling/plot. Grammar, spelling and Americanisms are the most important as I’m not a native speaker. Plot and character input is much appreciated, but not necessary.
I’m actually looking for a long-term beta apart from these two fics. My old beta isn’t really in the business anymore, and I’d just like to find someone I can work with longtime.
I write porn every other month for the Sunday Morning Porn Club and usually I have one longer fic I’m working on. I write RPF (mainly J2, but JDM does make an occasional appearance) in all registers (except the extremely dark stuff and BDSM) and if you don’t want to beta every kink, that’s okay. I know that fucking dinosaurs aren’t for everyone :)
My fics are smutty, sometimes cracky, and occasionally a bit dark, I have a creature kink and I will write mpreg and dubcon.
Length: should be around 2-5k, posting date is April 19, so two weeks. Only one fic is due then, the other had time until May.
Short Summary: It’s two one-shots. One is alpha/omega panty kink, two is alien Jensen (with wings) traveling an apocalyptic world and meeting Jared in the ruins
Warnings: first: alpha/omega, self-lubrication, pantykink, age-difference; second: apocalyptic setting, wing-kink, open ending

If you're interested in any of the fics or long-term, just pm me :)
06 April 2015 @ 11:52 pm
Title: Saving Grace (tentative, still WIP)
Genre: Angst, drama, slash, smut
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Castiel
Type of beta you'd like: Check over grammar and spelling (I type fast and miss things sometimes), and story flow.
Length: Multi-chapter
Short Summary: Sam has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and been a ward of the state, living in a mental hospital, since he was 7 years old. Now, just shy of 18, a new psychiatrist Castiel believes that not only can he help Sam, but Sam may not be as crazy as everyone believes.

*** this is a current story I am working on, I usually write J2 fiction and will be working on a fic for slashorific. I would like a long-term beta if we click :)

Genres you will beta: Anything. Everything.
Genres you won't beta:
Pairings you will beta: All
Pairings you won't beta:
Gen or Character studies you'd beta: All
Gen or Character studies you won't beta:
Beta strengths: Grammar and spelling, suggesting synonyms, word flow & story direction, quick turn around.
Beta Weaknesses: I usually have a quick turn around but with my schedule I may sometimes take a few days.
Length of the fics you'd beta: I've beta'd it all.
Any other info: I've beta'd for Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and Lord of the Rings fandoms as well as original work for novels on amazonmarketplace.com
26 March 2015 @ 02:36 pm
Title: Touched by Death
Genre: J2 AU
Pairings or Characters: Jensen, Jared, Misha, Chris, Kripke, Jeff Morgan
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling/ and any holes in the plot
Length: about 30,000
Short Summary: Detective Padelecki and Ackles partnership and lives are turned upside down when a cold case gets a warm body, and this serial killer is just getting started.
Title: None yet

Genre: Crack, Gen, Sam, Dean, Crowley, (Crowley/Sam if you squint)

Type of beta you'd like: I really need SPAG, as well as US/Brit-picking. I am ESL so I'm completely blind to the nuances of American English. Punctuation is not my friend either.

Length: 1500 words

Turnaround Time: The deadline is April 1, so I need it by March 31st at the latest.
20 March 2015 @ 01:22 am
Title: Not set in stone yet
Genre: Action/Drama/Gen/AU (near-canon/canon-divergent)
Pairings or Characters: No pairings.
Type of beta you'd like: Mostly plot/flow/structure--I started working on this last summer and it sort of grew out of control. I may be including way more than I need to in terms of backstory. Also, voicing, to some extent.
Length: Right now, it's sitting at roughly 85k.
Short Summary: Basically, it's an alternate Season 9, with some backstory/setup stretching back to late Season 5. Most of the focus is on the fallen-angels plotline; the Mark of Cain does not happen in this story. Other than that, the backstory is all canon-compliant through the end of S9 but not necessarily with Season 10. I can provide more specific detail on contact. As a head's up, there is some discussion of suicide/suicidal ideation.
Turnaround Time: I would like to start working with a beta relatively soon, but nothing's due until May first. I know it's really long, so I don't expect any super-fast turnarounds.
17 March 2015 @ 04:41 pm
Title:A Strange Journey begins With A Single Step (To The Right)
Genre: RPS AU
Pairings or Characters: Jensen/Jared
Type of beta you'd like: grammar, spelling, overall feedback and concrit
Length: 11,000-ish
Short Summary: Its loosely inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but by no means a complete retelling.

But please only beta readers who are familiar with MS Word and its Track Changes feature.

PM or comment here in interested.
15 March 2015 @ 10:09 pm
Title: (just accepted the prompt this past week, haven't decided)
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Gen
Pairings or Characters: No pairings. Sam and Dean are the main focus, though.
Type of beta you'd like: Proofing for stupid errors/general story input (need someone to hold my hand a little because it's been a while since I've written anything and I'm still a little stumped as to what I'm going to write and need ideas)
Length: Multi-Chaptered, most likely. Haven't decided the length. There's no length requirement in the challenge, though.
Short Summary: This is the prompt: Malnourished/thin/starved!Sam. Any season or preseries. Maybe John didn't leave the boys enough money, or the Stanford scholarship doesn't cover summers, or some baddie decides taking Sam captive is a good idea. Cue Dean gradually getting his weight back up and just generally taking care of him. (I've already decided that the starvation is going to be self-induced, as in an eating disorder, by this point, but I'm iffy on the timeline as to when to place this story, whether it's pre-series or within the series. So right now, I'm a little lost and overwhelmed because I'm not sure when to place it and what's going to end up triggering Sam. I have a lot of possibilities in my head, but it's just deciding on one.)
Timeframe: Date this needs to be out is 5/15/15, so I have a good amount of time, thankfully. Not really a ton of pressure when it comes to that for any beta who chooses this :-D
15 March 2015 @ 01:38 pm
Genres you will beta: Any except for those listed below. For crossovers, see list below to see what I'm familiar with.
Genres you won't beta: Wincest, Deathfic, Non-con, Rape, Pedo
Pairings you will beta (within your specified genres): I prefer Dean/Cas fics, but I'll read any except those below.
Pairings you won't beta (within your specified genres): Sam/Dean, Cas/Meg, Cas/Sam
Gen or Character studies you'd beta: I know Dean and Cas best.
Gen or Character studies you won't beta:
Beta strengths: Grammar, Punctuation, Plot, Flow
Beta Weaknesses: Character Voice (I can get the major mistakes, but not great at the details)
Length of the fics you'd beta: I currently have time to beta works under 5000 words and can only do about 1 a week, but I am looking for a DCBB writing accountability/alpha partner if anyone has a longer WIP they want regular feedback on.
Any other info: I'm newer to fanfiction specifically, but have been doing editing for quite a while. I also watch (but don't write in): Doctor Who, Sherlock, The 100, Forever, 12 Monkeys, Merlin, and Buffy.
13 March 2015 @ 04:11 pm
Title: Touched by Death ((working title))
Genre: Drama, Slash, AU
Pairings or Characters: Jared/ Jensen, Misha, Jeffery Dean, Kripke
Warning: violence, depiction of murder scenes, alcohol use, language, and sexual situations
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, spelling, and if there any holes in the plot line please inform me:)
Length: < 34,000
Short Summary: Detectives Padelecki and Ackles partnership and lives are turned upside down when a cold case gets a new body, and this serial killer is only getting started.

Turnaround Time: i need it closed to finished by the end of April

Thank you so very much! This is my first challenge so in nervous:)
Tags: !beta request, -au, -j2
21 February 2015 @ 05:07 pm
Title: Mile Markers
Genre: Drama, Slash, AU
Pairings or Characters: John/Dean, non-explicit Dean/OMC
Warning: There's one scene that contains (non-explicit) prostitution
Type of beta you'd like: Plot, grammar, character voice, I'll take pretty much anything!
Length: 2,000 words for this fic, although this is part of a longer series if anyone is willing to take on a longer beta project.
Short Summary: AU where Dean is not a Winchester, he's one of the psychic kids whose parents were killed by Azazel.

Turnaround Time: Whenever - this isn't for a challenge or fest. :)

Thank you!
18 February 2015 @ 06:02 pm
We are in need of a beta for mine and kharouf's Hunter's Heart Chronicles.

These fictions are of the heterosexual relationship between Dean Winchester and Arie Tamarein (an original character made by kharouf).

Please note: There is a slight crossover into Underworld.

Anyone interested in becoming the beta for this series PLEASE let either I or kharouf know As Soon As Possible.

Thank you!