15 April 2014 @ 07:23 pm
Title: TBD
Genre: Pre-slash, fluff & angst
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Kevin (ish)
Type of beta you'd like: Spelling and grammar. I’d also appreciate a beta who has some experience with a/b/o fics, so they can make sure the background worldbuilding makes sense (this is a somewhat unconventional version of a/b/o), and tell me if something needs more explanation, etc.
Length: ~ 4400
Short Summary: Kevin has a panic attack and Sam has to come to the rescue even though he’s in heat. Sexual awkwardness and a heart-to-heart talk in the car follows.
Warnings: There's a passing reference to past self-harm.
Title: Don't have a definite one yet but I'm thinking about 'Life Happens'
Genre: kid fic, college au, angst, fluff and laughs along the way.
Pairings or Characters: Jared/Jensen, along with brief Jensen/Danneel and Jared/Chad (because there isn't enough of that out there!) there's also
blink and you'll miss it Jared/Sandy (literally I think I mention her name once so it's almost not even there)
Type of beta you'd like: I need somebody to read what I have so far and let me know if it even makes a good story before the May 1st admission for first drafts. Then I'd just like some help to make sure it all flows, doesn't have plot holes, doesn't ramble on about something unimportant and I have this one part towards the end that I'm really not sure should even be there so just someone to bounce questions off really because I'm a beta myself so I tend to be pretty good at punctuation and grammar... though I haven't even gone through it properly myself yet so it probably looks like a mess! God I'm so late this year!
Length: Around 30,000 words
Short Summary: I don't even have a summary sussed yet but here's the gist... Jared's been in love with his best friend forever... he just didn't know that until he almost lost him. Now, he's helping his best friend raise a kid and trying to pass his classes and hold down a job while being miles away from home and Jensen's unsupportive family. That's not the problem though. The problem is that Jared's a crappy ex boyfriend and is hopelessly in love with the straight single father he can never have and the kid's stolen his heart too so it's not like he's going anywhere so he's just damning himself to more and more pain. But then, when you're not looking, life happens.
Warning: There is a character death in this story (which is due to a brain tumour so if that is a trigger or something you can't work with then please don't try and help me and put yourself through it because I know how tough of a subject it is) but it is a minor character. However, there is a lot of focus on it when it happens and it's the part I'm not sure of so that could change but I'm not sure.

Turnaround Time: I need somebody to at least be able to read it by May 1st and let me know if it's a strong enough story but I've got to pick at it and have a solid storyline before I send it to an artist (around May 9th) so I'd like most of it to be done by then but if it takes longer then that's fine as long as nothing about the story itself changes.

PM me if there's anything you'd like to know or if you're interested in this story. 
14 April 2014 @ 04:12 am
Title: The Unnamed Book (working title; may change)
Genre: Slash/Angst/Slow-Burn Romance
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Gadreel
Type of beta you'd like: I need a second pair of eyes for grammar/spelling, general word flow, and general characterization (Sam and Gadreel).
Length: About 40,000 words. It's technically a WIP, though I've finished all but the very last part.
Short Summary: At the end of 9x03, Gadreel takes a chance and trusts Dean, allowing Castiel to stay at the bunker, and 'fesses up to Sam about everything. Season 9 then proceeds to unfold quite differently. For 3/4ths of the story, it's Gadreel-in-Sam, so it's very much a vessel fic. Very heavy on Sam/Gadreel parallels, and the two of them really just understanding each other.

In other words, Good Guy Gadreel joins Team Free Will.

Other things: Sam POV. Spoilers for everything up to 9x17. Dean/Castiel is mentioned (one scene), but not otherwise shown. Warnings for some descriptions of torture (Gadreel really gets it at one point). The rating is E so you should probably be okay with reading smut if you want to beta.

Drop me a PM if you're interested. Thanks!

Holy smokes, guys. That was fast! Thank you! :)
14 April 2014 @ 01:05 am
Title: Twenty Years Hatching
Genre: Fluff, flashback to Weechesters, Bunker fic
Pairings or Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, John, a kitten and a pet rock
Type of beta you'd like: Plot mostly, I'm worried it's not fluffy enough. Spelling and grammar could probably use a look at.
Length: ~3000
Short Summary: Sam's always loved animals. The puppies that Bobby's had, the pet rock the Dean made him, various class pets over the years. Now that they've settled down he's got a chance at things he's missed out on and Dean always wanted something to play with. Chronicles Sam's attempts at convincing his father to get a pet, his brother's compromises and (finally) his dream coming true once they've settled into the bunker.

Turnaround Time:This is for the spnbigpretzal Spring Fic Exchange and has a posting date of May 2.
12 April 2014 @ 06:35 pm
Title: None yet
Genre: Destiel, non-con Sastiel, dark fic, hurt/comfort fic
Pairings or Characters Dean/Cas primary, Sam/Cas non-con
Warnings: rape/non-con, intimidation/bullying, abuse, semi-permanent disfigurement/injury
Type of beta you'd like: I'm looking for someone who's willing to discuss the story with me, to help me when I'm kinda blocked or when a particular turn in the story isn't working, as well as to catch minor typos/errors, and to let me know if the emotions/characters aren't ringing true, etc.
Length: not really sure yet, but most of my fics are long. I would be sending you a chapter at a time (most chapters are between 3000-5000 words)
Short Summary:
Under cut for non-con/violence triggers...Collapse )

This story is going to get pretty intensely dark, and while I don't BASH characters, Sam is not going to come off in the greatest light, obviously. So I understand if those are deal breakers for some.

PM me if you're interested, or email me at dreamsofspike@gmail.com!

Thank you :)
11 April 2014 @ 08:36 pm
Title: The Unnamed Feeling
Genre: AU, Drama, dark!fic
Pairings: J2 and the Js in various combinations with OCs (including het and threesome)
Type of Beta I'd like: Grammar, Spelling (preferably a native speaker) and Plot (pacing, coherence, etc.)
Length: Multi-chapter, currently at about 37k, will probably be complete at 40k-45k words. (I have a fairly long Interlude that explains the background of an OC, and I'd also love to have that beta read, but it's not a must)
Short Summary: Heavy Metal!AU, Jensen's a homophobic guitarist in a successful Metal band, Jared is his gay new guitar technician. Dark secrets of the past and Jensen's violent, self-proclaimed big brother David, whose bigotry and homophobia is set of by the smallest thing, further complicate things.
Warnings: derogative language, violence, characters getting away with felonies (I think), alcohol abuse (if you're interested but worried there might be something else, we can talk about that in a PM)

The fic will be a complete draft by May 1st, so I'd send it to you by then.

If you're interested and have the time to beta read please Contact me via PM. Thank you :)
11 April 2014 @ 08:45 am
Title: [tentative] The Sky is No Man's Land
Genre: Action, Gen, AU
Pairings or Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel.
Looking for help with: Readability, flow, characterization (particularly Dean), silly grammar mistakes.
Length: Multi-chapter monstrosity (looking to be ~25,000 words, all told)
Short Summary: AU, set 2006 (Season 2). The Winchester brothers are no-name hunters caught up in a losing war. That is, until a guy claiming he's an angel offers them the knowledge they need to kill demons - if they'll help him find a traitor in the angels' ranks.
Turnaround Time: This is a spn_j2_bigbang entry, so a full draft will be complete by May 1st. Hoping to have the final finished by late May.

Feel free to PM me or comment here if you're interested!
10 April 2014 @ 11:31 am
Title:    Untitled

Genre: Canon AU - Season 9 AU

Pairings or Characters Dean/Castiel, usual suspects from SPN, possible OCs

Type of beta you'd like: Americanisms, plot flow, cheerleader/motivator, general knowledge bible/SPN Mythos

Length: MiniBang 10K minimum

Short Summary:
Several Plot Bunnies hopping around the garden at moment but in general looking to write Dean/Castiel established and living in Cain's Farmhouse/Orchard. Dean's elderly, Castiel not so much and as they go about Daily routine Flashbacks to how and why they get there. Core idea from Cain's comment that he'd call Dean back and Dean would have to answer because of Mark of Cain. Plus a fuzzy idea about Dean's various reckless actions coming home to roost.

Sam will probably make an appearance but not sure how; (character kinda on the meh/hate equation of my ongoing Love/Hate relationship with Sam) but doubt he'll be Evil.

I ran out of puff for last year's challenge and missed draft deadline so don't want to do that again.

Looking forward to any help, Thanks:)
09 April 2014 @ 11:08 am
Title: Padaleki Home for Wayward Youth
Genre:  RPF AU
Pairings or Characters primarily J2, various others make appearances
Type of beta you'd like: grammar, flow, plot, cheerleading, the works
Length: Unknown, last project was over 35k spread out over a long period of time.
Short Summary: For a spnkink-meme prompt ~ Jensen gets committed to a mental health facility/school by his parents.  Jared uses the facility/school to train young men for affluent customers.  Jared decided to keep Jensen for himself.

Feel free to pm me here or email me at Cailetevony@hotmail.com if interested/want more info.


full promptCollapse )

My previous project can be found here at Ao3
06 April 2014 @ 09:01 pm
Title: No Title yet
Genre: Destiel, E.T. inspired AU
Pairings or Characters Dean/Cas, probably minor Sam/Jess, lots of Jo Harvelle, Mary Winchester instead of John and a lot of other SPN characters
Type of beta you'd like: grammar since english isn't my first language, maybe a bit character-voice, someone to talk about the plot and who kicks my ass when I get lazy
Length: at least 20k, i don't really know yet
Short Summary: it's still a pretty rough outline but the basic idea is that Castiel is an alien, crashing somewhere behind Dean's house. They fall in love and everything is perfect until the government takes Cas away and Dean somehow manages to work for NASA to get Cas back

PM me if you're interested!

Thank you :)
06 April 2014 @ 06:31 am
Title: Beta needed for dribble fics
Genre: mostly Kink/PWP/smut galore with a few fluff/cuddly feel good fics through in
Pairings or Characters: J2
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling (I’m dyslexic so my biggest problem is with spelling and correct usage of grammar; Most time I mix up the usages of words, like ‘then’ and ‘than’; my crazy mind doesn’t see the difference.
Length: mostly Dribble, normally 350-900 words, but I have about 10 of them that need checked
Short Summary: I’m looking for a beta with a quick turn over rate; same day is highly appreciated. I can send you one, two or however many you would like.
If anyone can help out, I would appreciate it, and credit to you will be given with each posting. Thank you for reading this! I appreciate your time!

My e-mail: stinson.katherine@yahoo.com

You can find my work on A03, here! http://archiveofourown.org/users/nanoks
Title: Chemistry Off-Screen
Pairings:Jared/Jensen, implied Jared/Gen, other minor side pairings
Type of Beta: spelling, grammar, wording/flow, and plot mostly.
Length: 20,000-30,000 would be my guess
Summary: AU.
Jared’s Hollywood royalty. Jensen’s nothing more than a journalist with a fansite, and the unoffical president of Jared’s fanclub. When the lines between fantasy and reality blur, and Jensen gets to do a week long expose on Jared, sparks fly. Life isn’t a fairytale though.

Turnaround time: By posting date of big-bang at the latest. Hopefully, a little before then. I should have my rough draft done by May 1st.

What i mostly need is someone to encourage me to keep writing since I am still kind of new at this, while also checking for mistakes and making sure everything sounds good, and there's no major plot holes. 
Beta found

I’m looking for a long term beta(s) who can take on various J2 projects ranging from J2 AUs as well as RPS where they’re themselves as actors with only a little AU (the RPS ones will mostly be 1-shots or just a few chapters). The plain AU plots will contain a mix of topics as I have about 6 plots in mind to work on ranging from your normal H/C, first meeting, angsty style to my first foray into the whole Alpha/Omega style. The plots bounce between either Jared being the protective one or Jensen since in J2 stories I don’t seem to have a set rule for which of them gets hurt or who’s the hero so to speak. It depends on the plot but for these I have 3 definite ones where Jared gets to be the protector and Jensen’s getting hurt in some way and then a couple are reversed where Jared’s hurt.

While all will have happy endings there will be plenty of hurt, angst, some dark subject matter on a few of them but also plenty of schmoop and sex as these are slash pieces. Only the A/O one will have a brief touch of the Mpreg topic. I can give more details in email or PM as I have the basic idea but since they’re a few it’d be hard to list it here.

Basically I’m looking for a beta to help with grammar, punctuation, voice, flow or what you think the story needs. I tend to either not use enough commas or too many and the pesky semi-colon is my enemy. I also over describe sometimes. I’m open to suggestion and change if you think something else works in a paragraph or if I mention something in an earlier chapter and don’t follow up on it or even to bounce ideas off of if a chapter gets stuck. I love working with the Word track change feature which makes it easier on all parties involved I think.

I’ve only started working with betas when I began writing J2 and would like to find one who’s patient, friendly and won’t bang their heads off the keyboard. While I don’t have much posted here on LJ for an example of my J2 pieces they’re posted on AO3 under morganaDW. For an example of my unchecked work then you can look at some pieces I’ve posted for normal gen style SPN here to see what my style is.

If I can find someone for J2 then I’ll probably start looking for one for gen and Wincest since I know I can’t be lucky enough to find someone who betas all of the above. Feel free to contact me on here via PM or email me at tammy_suto@yahoo.com

26 March 2014 @ 03:33 pm
Title: No title yet
Genre: Romance, some fluff, a little angst
Pairing: Sam/Kevin
Type of beta you'd like: SPaG, characterization, Americanisms, flow, voice
Length: 3,500 words
Short Summary: Kevin has a crush on Sam. Sam thinks this is funny. It's not so funny when he develops one back. Set between season 7 and 8.
(Note: Kevin is 17 and underage here but nothing goes further than kissing and making out)
Turnaround Time: A few days, if possible

This is my first time writing Kevin so I'm a little unsure about his characterization, and Sam's characterization in relation to Kevin. Also the fic turned out weirdly more light-hearted than I intended so I'm a bit unsure about that too.

PM me or leave a comment if you're interested! :)

Beta found! Thank you :)
19 March 2014 @ 07:54 pm
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort, preseries
Characters: Dean and Sam
Type of beta you'd like: characterisation, a little SPaG, help with summary and title
Length: 2,500 words
Short Summary: Someone travels back in time to kill 12-year-old Sam and change the future. (But there's a twist)

Message me or email me at rirren at outlook dot com if you're interested! :)

A beta has been found. Thank you!
17 March 2014 @ 05:51 pm
Title: I'm not yet sure, but it will probably have something to do with the sun???
Genre: Slash/Wincest/Canon AU/Romance/Drama??? (I have no idea)
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Dean, Bobby, John, OC's
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, Spelling, Flow, Character Voice, General Suggestions, Someone to yell at me and make sure I write...
Length: 20,000 words, in 3 parts
Short Summary: Dean notices Sam is really sad and such and how much all the moving and hunting is getting to him so he takes Sam away and they go and start their own life.
Turnaround Time: I have to have everything done by May 1 and I want every part to have 2 drafts so I'm going to be writing on a very rigid schedule but you won't need to return as fast as I write them.
Warnings: Major character death at the end. John's. John dies.

If you would be willing to help me then please PM me or comment and we can exchange e-mails or whatever...I love you.
08 March 2014 @ 06:37 pm
Title: He's a Giant Geek, but I Love Him
Genre: RPS AU Fluff
Pairings or Characters: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Type of beta you'd like: Spelling, Grammar, tenses, and general concrit.
Length: 1,900-ish words
Short Summary: In which Jared is a geek and Jensen is a boyfriend with a surprise.

PM or reply to this entry if interested.


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23 February 2014 @ 09:06 pm
Genres you will beta: Action/Humor/Drama/Fluff/Kidfic/Slash/Wincest/RPS/Mpreg/PWP/Smut/AU
Genres you won't beta: Crossover/Gen/Het/Threesome/Deathfic (Unless it's the happy ending kind!)/BDSM. Mostly because I have no experience in these genres so would be no help whatsoever!
Pairings you will beta (within your specified genres): Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen, Brief other or minor pairings (Including Sam/Other, Dean/Other, Jared/Other, Jensen/Other)
Pairings you won't beta (within your specified genres): Any that aren't listed above.
Gen or Character studies you'd beta: Never had any experience with this so probably none.
Beta strengths: grammar/spelling/plot/spotting 'pointless' paragraphs (we all have them!)/Full knowledge of the UK if you're writing a fic based there/Can spot if the story is flowing properly/help with the dreaded summary & list of warnings & rating/Tend to be a fast beta & I always respond to emails as soon as I get them.
Beta Weaknesses: Americanisms. I'm good at them with all that I've read and written but I am British and therefore things may sometimes slip past me.
Length of the fics you'd beta: Any length. Could be 1,000 words or it could be 200,000. I don't mind as long as I'm given appropriate time to beta them.
Any other info: I'm understanding, patient and have experience at working with people whose first language isn't English but want to write their story in English. I can help make sure the writing makes sense, uses proper English, uses the right word (their, there, they're, ect.) and provide support/cheer leading for you to get it posted!

I've beta'd quite a few stories over the past 2 years and I'm constantly writing so I'm picking up new things all the time and always willing to help even with further work in the future. Kind of like the LJ version of 'my door is always open!'

Basically I'm procrastinating from writing my Big Bang for this year so a little beta work would be awesome! Send me a mail/comment and let me know if you need help :)
Genre: Slash/RPS
Pairings or Characters:J2
Type of beta you'd like: Everything please
Length: Unfinished but anticipated to be around 20k
Short Summary:After the bombs fell people congregated in small communities. Most people became horribly disfigured but one or two remained untouched. Small bands of enforcers moved from town to town, offering protection and demanding payment for their services. Jared a chief enforcer ends up owning an untouched Jensen.
Warnings: Possibly non-con or at least dub-con, humiliation, slavery, possibly some torture but won't be explicit.

I had another story planned for the bigbang but this one has run away with me. I am 5k in so expect to be finished in approximately a month.

I would really appreciate it if a beta would take on my story. (also if any alpha readers want to help me out I'd be really grateful)

Date for first draft is 1st May.
19 February 2014 @ 04:50 pm
Name: coffeegirl18
Age: 27
Sex: F
e-mail: I'll message it to you
Beta/Writer/Lurker?: Writer/Occasional beta
What do you hope to get out of this Community?: A beta that plans on sticking with me for awhile...Possibly able to beta my original fiction (horror-oriented) as well. I also need someone to bounce ideas off of.
How long have you been writing/beta-ing?: Literally since I could talk.
What genre of stories to you like to write?: Currently some SPN and SPN RPS...other than that I have some Torchwood fic that I may or may not decide to post and some original fiction.
Are there any websites you would like to recommend to us?: no
Do you have a website you'd like to show us?: no
What sparks your creativity?: Pretty much everything.

Must not be LGBT or kink phobic as I sometimes write slash (mostly writing het in original fiction) and sometimes there's kink. Might toe into some darker themes and slight gore (more inferred than anything).

I  have SPN and RPS writings that I need betaed before posting.

Please respond on here if you're interested.