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24 May 2016 @ 04:35 pm
Title: When Nobody Knew
Genre: Slash, AU, Dragonriders
Pairings or Characters: Jared/Jensen
Type of beta you'd like: grammer, spelling, plot, Pern-isms so knowledge of Pern needed.
Length: This is part of an ongoing story.  Would love someone who would like to commit to beta it as new chapters come out, but will take anyone willing to help me out :P
Short Summary: This chapter is about Jared who has impressed a dragon, but who has had no contact with his friend J'sen since it happened.  Was it because of Jared's unique impression?  Or was J'sen reall that busy?

24 May 2016 @ 03:37 am

Title:I don't have one yet
Genre:J2 AU Lovestory
Pairings or Characters:Jensen/Jared , Chris/Chad
Type of beta you'd like:English is not my first language, so I would really appreciate someone looking into my sentences and grammar. Would love to have an outsiders view on it as well :)

Length:Multi Chapter Fic, right now I have the first 3 chapters (first two ok to read, and the last one still a draft) and it around 30k words already, I'm thinking it will be around 90k or 100k when done. But it is a work in progress

Short Summary:
Jared is an amazing musician, viola player in an orchestra, but he is also the step son of Mark Sheppard, owner of Sheppard Inc. the richest real state developer in the country. Jared has his life mapped out for him: school, college, MBA. He always knew his stepfather plans for him intended a corporate life in the company, he just didn't expected it to come so soon. He now has to decide between breaking out of his shell of shyness and finally confront Mark, taking charge of his own life, or once again following the road chosen for him. Despite his past that decision will be affected by Jensen, a guitar player, with lots of confidence and swing. After meeting, the two man realize they share a great passion for music, life and each other. Jensen might be just the kind of person Jared needed to turn his life and his sense of worth around. Unfortunately, Mark is not the kind of guy willing to lose an investment that easily. The pair will count on the help of dear friends Chris and Chad, also musicians, and Alonna, a fierce journalist.

Warnings: There will be plenty sex scenes (consensual) and minor violence down the road

Turnaround Time:Will be writing for quite a some time.

It's been a long time away from LJ ans fics, hopefully I'll meet good friends here :)

Thanks guys.

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20 May 2016 @ 01:47 pm
Like half of fandom probably I'm looking for a kindly beta for my bigbang; any help would be very greatfully recieved, please and thank you.

Title: Carve a Home for Two in Your Heart
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: J3, but also Jeff/Jensen, Jensen/Jared and vague mentions of Jensen/others
Rating: NC:17
Word Count: 32,000
Warnings: Violence, cursing, very brief and not graphic attempted non-con, several graphic sex scenes, all bottom Jensen. And Chad.
Type of Beta: Spelling, grammar, and any glaring british phrases weeded out. Also just a general idea of whether the story works, and if there are giant plot holes or issues.
Turnaround time: Around a week if possible. My posting date is the 9th June *cue flailing and panic attacks* so the sooner the better really.

Summary: Jared is not James Bond. He’s got a Chad instead of a Moneypenny for one thing and prefers sleeping with guys for another. Being a spy though, makes it tricky to find a guy to sleep with who doesn’t secretly want to kill you.
Jeff is not a hitman. He doesn’t kill people for money. Not anymore. He’s retired. He owns a restaurant and just happens to have excellent knife skills. His relationship skills however are a little rusty.
Jensen is not a twink. And he’s not Julia Roberts. He just likes sex and money. And guys that are older than him, and bigger than him. And can willingly pay fourteen hundred dollars to spend the night with him.
None of them are looking for love, but they’re going to find it anyway.

Found two very kind betas thankyou :)
20 May 2016 @ 12:31 pm
I just finished my BB and now I need a Beta.

So far the story has 35.850 words and is about refugees. J2 AU. NC 17, Dub-con, Non-Con

I won´t lie to you this is some work to do since english isn´t my native language I need help with the spelling and the frasing.

Anybody interested?
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Title: Angels Fall with Broken Wings

Genre: Hurt/comfort, canon divergence set in season four

Pairings or Characters: Dean/Castiel
Type of beta you'd like: Mainly I need someone to look over the spelling and grammar. My SPaG isn't terrible, but it would certainly help to have someone look it over. Any other comments are always welcome, of course. :)

Length: Multi chapter, ~5,000 words

Short Summary: When Castiel resurrects Dean, Dean is already a demon. He hopes that he made the right choice resurrecting Dean. He hopes the Righteous man will save the world, not bring it to ruin. Together they discover what it means to be human and what they mean to each other.

Note: This is not a dark fic. Dean is a demon, but not evil. Castiel is asexual and there is a discussion of sexual boundaries, but explicit content.

Turnaround Time: My posting date is May 25th. I know I shouldn't have waited to the last minute, but any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
17 May 2016 @ 11:03 pm

Genre: Gen casefic

Pairings or Characters: Claire Novak and Castiel

Type of beta you'd like: Spelling and grammar, US-ENGLISH/Americanisms, characterisation, as well as pointing out if anything is unclear.

Length: 17000 words split over 6 chapters.

Short Summary: Somewhere in America, a little girl is being used as an angel's vessel, and Claire Novak wants to save her. She enlists the help of Castiel, and together they follow the angel's trail to a nature reserve. The story contains child abuse, vessel consent issues, possession, some violence, all in all an R-rating.

Turn Over: I would like to post sometime in the next month.

Title: Devil May Love

Genre: Slash, Dark Romance

Rating: NC-17

Pairings or Characters: J2

Type of beta you'd like: SPaG

Length: 20k, maybe even a little less after the final edit.

Short Summary: In an abandoned, skeletal barn, surrounded by pale grey cornfields, 17-year-old reject Jared Padalecki finds unexpected solace in the company of a badly injured, wanted murderer. While Jared tries to escape his life of abuse by nursing the rugged man back to health, the police closes in on Jensen Ackles, or, as the media calls him, "The Lone Star Devil". Warnings: Dark Romance, violence (domestic and other), non-con (OC/Jared)

Turnaround Time: Posting date is 6/24, so 6/20 at the latest. I'm still editing though, so I probably won't be able to send it to you before early June...

Preferred Contact: PM and then email.
29 April 2016 @ 09:22 pm
Title: The Fall

Genre: Slash

Rating: NC-17/Explicit

Pairings or Characters: Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Original Female Character

Type of beta you'd like: SPaG, plot, hit it with a hammer.

Length: 45-50k, individual chapters are ~2-5k. If you'd rather not tackle the whole thing, I'm just as happy to send you a chapter or two. The first two chapters have been beta'd already, but more doesn't fit with her schedule at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Short Summary: This is a rather dark fic with lots of angst and little comfort. There is some dub-con that ends up going non-con (though not explicitly stated). Also beware of psychological torture and canon-typical violence. I can't really post a summary here due to challenge rules, but I'd be happy to tell you more privately if you're interested.

Turnaround Time: Sometime in early June, but I'd rather get it out of the way as soon as I can.

Preferred Contact: PM and then email.
27 April 2016 @ 05:11 pm
Title: Mood of my Coffee
Genre:Slash, College AU
Pairings or Characters: Jared/Jensen
Type of beta you'd like: grammar, plot, OC/IC
Length: Stand alone , 9K+
Short Summary: Jared doesn't do relationships, no matter how many times his college friends to to set him up with the new guy in their acting class.  He had a long term relationship in high school and it was awful.  But what happens when old flames turn up and it turns out everything he thought about relationships was wrong?
Turnaround Time: No rush.  Just wrote the story for myself and thought I should get it out there :P
24 April 2016 @ 11:49 am
Title: After All This Time
Genre: RPS/foursome
Pairings or Characters: Jared/Gen/Danneel/Jensen
Type of beta you'd like: Plot/voice/hit it with a hammer
Length: 7300 words
Short Summary: Jensen has a great life. He and his wife Danneel just bought a place in Austin next door to Jensen's childhood best friend and his wife, who happens to be Danneel's girlfriend. Things are going great until the ladies suggest moving from threesome to foursome, and Jensen is forced to confront some feelings that he'd been denying for years.

Notes: This is my first RPS fic, and I basically need someone to hit it with a hammer and help me to find all the areas to tweak it and make it special. I'm really nervous about it.
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Title: Little Girls and Lovers series
Rating: NC17
Genre: Slash, incest, underage
Pairings or Characters: John/Dean, John/Sam, Sam/Dean.
Type of beta you'd like: Someone who loves reading and writing kink, esp involving underage Wincest and Daddycest. Mainly need someone to bounce ideas off, tell me what works and what doesn't. Is something not kinky enough or is perfectly dark and creepy and "wrong" and sexy.
Length: Most should be around 2000-3000 words I hope, current fic is just over 6000
Time Frame: Would like fairly quick turnaround of just a few days, certainly no more than a week at most.
Short Summary: Dean is 14 when John starts feminizing him and treating him as his 'little girl', wanting him to wear skirts and dresses and girls underwear after school and at night. Sam is almost 11 when John decides to make him his lover but there are things John wants to do before taking his youngest son into his bed.
Notes/warnings: Very kinky series involving underage Sam and Dean in sexual relationships with John. Other pairings (at this stage) also include some minor Sam/Dean and Sam/Bobby.
Feel free to PM me if you don't want to leave a comment. Have 2 fics ready for beta and more planned but not written.
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20 April 2016 @ 09:47 pm
Title:Key Harbor

Rating: Teen for some action and canon-typical gore and language

Genre: Action, Casefic, genderbend Dean, canon compliant

Pairings or Characters: Sam, Dean, Cas, female!Dean, minor OCs. Possible Dean/Cas epilogue, but I'm waiting to see if it goes there

Type of beta you'd like: basic grammar and spelling, internal continuity, word choice, keeping female!Dean characterization as close to canon Dean as possible. I would also really love if one or two people just want to jump on and read as cheerleaders.

Length: 4-5 chapters. Currently 10,224 words, should be complete between 12,000 and 14,000

Time frame: The final is due for the WIP BigBang in July. However, since it's still considered a work in progress, if a few people are willing to alpha read/cheer-lead ASAP, even if they don't make the huge time commitment to fully beta, it would be helpful.

Short Summary: It's the summer of 2009, and Dean and Sam are investigating a shore town on the East Coast where blue lights seem to be causing a strange amnesia. While still investigating, Dean steps through a portal to an alternate universe, while his double, a girl, steps out on this side. The story then bounces back and forth between the two universes as both versions of Sam and Cas try to learn to trust a Dean they don't recognize, but who keeps treating them with familiarity. The formatting very much resembles an episode, with them continuing to try to defeat the creature responsible.

Because I am new to this group, I am open to any reasonable suggestions for file exchange, and would be willing to swap fics or beta for others.
19 April 2016 @ 09:14 pm
Title: Turn My Collar to the Cold
Rating: Ummm, PG right now but I haven't gotten to the wincest part. So, that could change. No smut is planned. At worst I expect a final rating of R, just to be safe.
Genre: Wincest, Mystery
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Sam
Type of beta you'd like: plot flow, Dean characterization (seriously, I might need some reassurance with that), grammar (if you wish)
Length: multi-chapter (13.5k done, est. 20-25k when completed), chapters are about 9-10k each
Time Frame: I have a Final Draft due for the Wincest Big Bang at the end of August. I want to be polishing it up before then.
Short Summary: Dean goes blind for no reason and, despite the fact that a simple cleansing fixes the problem the first time, it keeps happening. Then he starts getting worse, losing more than just his sight, and Sam finds that he must accept a truth he has been denying all of his life, the one that had sent him running to Stanford, in order to save his brother from himself. Set shortly after Dean returns from Purgatory.

Title: The Sulphur on Your Sleeve
Rating: PG or PG-13
Genre: Crossover/Fusion with Dark Angel
Pairings or Characters: Dean, Sam, Max, Logan, Alec (no pairings planned as of yet)
Type of beta you'd like: plot flow, grammar (if you wish), Dark Angel canon (only a general understanding is needed), Max characterization
Length: multi-chapter (21k done, est 30-40k when completed), chapters are about 5-7k each
Time Frame: I have a Final Draft due for the WIP Big Bang in July. I am currently doing a reworking of the first chapter.
Short Summary: Dean was born an X1. After Sam implies he no longer wants to be brothers he doesn't see Dean again. Five years later Sam is still looking for his missing big brother. Dean never took on the Mark of Cain. He surrendered to Manticore instead. This is the story of how they found each other again.

I am open to using email and google docs to exchange files (or make a suggestion if you prefer something else). I am also willing to do a fic swap and beta something of yours in exchange. PM me or comment below if you are willing to help me out.
19 April 2016 @ 11:03 am
Working on a sequel to my fic from 2014-15, "Under The Skin". Tagging for Wincest because Sam and Dean are in a polyamorous relationship, even though they're not directly having sex with each other, because that hits some people's squicks

Title: Until It Sleeps
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Genre: Het/Slash/Threesome/Foursome (basically everyone is poly with an OFC thrown in), AU as of the beginning of Season 10
Pairings: Sam/OFC/Dean, Dean/Castiel, Sam/OFC/Dean/Castiel, Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC, Castiel/OFC
Type of beta: General spelling and grammar, characterization, canon compliance-ish (I sometimes go outside canon, but it should make sense to the world of Supernatural)
Length: Currently ~10k, probably will end up somewhere between 30-40k, depending on things. Broken up into 1500-2500 word chapters
Turnaround: I need to have the rough draft completed by mid-June for the WIP Big Bang, so there's a lot of lead time. I mostly need to know I'm not going in a completely ridiculous direction before I get too far down the rabbit hole.
Short Summary: Sam's started having visions again. No one thinks that's a good sign, especially when Metatron goes missing from Heaven's jail, and all signs point to Crowley being behind it. When Claire and the tablets disappear from the bunker, Sam, Dean, and Cas have to figure out how to get to her and stop Crowley's plans before he does something even Lucifer never managed to pull off.
10 April 2016 @ 10:15 am
Title: Any Way You Want It
Rating: NC/17
Genre: Slash
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Looking for grammar and spelling, characterization/voice
Length: ~2400
Short Summary: There are times Dean just wants to get slapped during sex by a girl in a Zorro mask. Sometimes, that girl is Sam.
Set as a porny coda to 11x18. Graphic wincest with some crossdressing Top!Sam D/s. I'd prefer to email it as a word document so we can track changes. PM me or comment below if you're interested. Thanks!
09 April 2016 @ 06:02 pm
Title: Only Mostly Dead
Genre: Sam POV fic for 11x17 Red Meat
Pairings or Characters: Sam, Dean
Type of beta you'd like: general spelling and grammar, Sam characterisation and 'voice'
Length: 1830
Short Summary: He fights so hard to live because he doesn't want Dean to die.
Turnaround: ASAP, would like to post in the next 24 hours or so.
Notes: as it's short I can send via email or PM, or a Word doc. Comment below or PM me.
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07 April 2016 @ 07:29 am
I have finally sat down to write a sequel to a story I did a long time ago. Here's what I'm looking for:

Title: As of yet untitled Smack squeal
Rating: NC/17
Genre: Slash/Non Con/HC
Pairings: OMC/Dean possible Crowley/Dean
Looking for grammar/Dean-Voice/Crowley-Voice Beta
Length: Possible multi-chapter, currently 7000 words, not done yet.
Short Summary: Dean finds himself in a horrible situation and calls on the only one he thinks can help him. Crowley finds that his recent brush with humanity is making him have feelings he never entertained. Contains scenes of graphic rape and torture.
Set around the time of Season 9 Episode 17
01 April 2016 @ 10:53 am
Title: One Night (subject to change)
Rating: Teen
Main pairing and characters: Ace!Aro!Cas & Sam, Meg, Anna, Gabe, Hannah, Charlie, Dean, etc.
Word count: ~60k
Warnings: Discussions of drug addiction and abuse, suicidal thoughts, child abuse, sexual abuse
Summary: Castiel has already gone through the rigmarole of coming out as asexual and aromantic. That somehow doesn't stop a few unruly cousins from setting Castiel up with a stupidly tall sex worker named Sam. Castiel is mortified and ready to put the whole thing behind him, except he and Sam inexplicably bump into each other again a few weeks later. It marks the beginning of a friendship that ushers them into new territories, both with each other and the people around them.

I post around mid-May, so a beta would have over a month to work on this. I'm mainly worried about characterization and the plot feeling even.

I have a series of one shots in the making, focused primarily on Sam and his myriad coping mechanisms/mental health issues, as well as some of Dean's. 6 stories - 3 complete, 3 not - but hope to do more. I would like beta readers for ANY (or all) of these stories, and will therefore post separate descriptions of each story so you can pick & choose whichever one(s) you're interested in.

Hope this is okay with the mods! Lemme know if it's not, and I'll change it.

Story 1 - "Get Him Back," set between Season 3 and 4
Status: Complete
Characters: Sam, imaginary!Dean, brief appearance by Ruby
Pairings: none, hints of canonical Sam/Ruby
Triggers: Suicidal ideation, near suicide attempt, a character trivializing mental illness, alcohol and drug use
Summary: Sam wished he went crazy after Dean died: it would have been nice to be able to pretend his brother was still alive and actually believe it. Instead he just half-pretends he's crazy, talking to a Dean he knows isn't there and hoping that eventually he'll lose it.
Need Beta For: Flow and coherency, especially in the ending

Story 2 - "Storytime," a semi-smutty fic set after Sam discovers SPN fanfic in 4.18
Status: Incomplete
Characters: Sam, past!Jess, fictional!Jess, Dean
Pairings: Sam/Jess, Sam/his hand
Triggers: None
Summary: Sam discovers SPN fanfic and, while at first enraged when he sees the Sam/Jess smut, is haunted by the idea until he seeks it out himself. It's the clearest he's been able to see her - imagine her - in ages (he doesn't even have her picture anymore), and soon enough he finds himself addicted to it in a really depressing, unhealthy way. And when Dean notices that you're jackin' it on the computer more than HIM... Dude, you have a problem.
Need Beta For: To help me figure out how to resolve this shit! I need a sounding board, and then hopefully someone to help me tidy it up. =]

Story 3 - "Detox," set in 4.21
Status: Incomplete
Characters: Sam, hallucination!Dean, halluci!Ruby, halluci!Alistair, *everybody* is a hallucination
Pairings: none, hints of canonical Sam/Ruby
Triggers: Solitary confinement, near-death experience, suicidal ideation, hallucinations of torture
Summary: Sam is strapped down in a room for hours, certain that he's going to die, and this is what he sees.
Need Beta For: Plot/where do I go from here? (This is the most undeveloped story here, and I'd like a sounding board to discuss it with)

Story 4 - "Apple Pie, Jose Cuervo, and Awesome Coping Mechanisms," set after 7.18
Status: Complete
Characters: Dean, Sam
Pairings: none
Triggers: graphic mentions of torture, vague references to rape, a LOT of drinking, and bad coping mechanisms
Summary: Dean POV: Things are looking up! At least a little. Cas is alive (albeit crazy as a sack of cats at the moment), Sammy's got Lucifer out of his head, and Dean found a dollar-mart mini apple pie in the trunk that is, hopefully, from *before* Sucrocorp ruined everything. So the boys get drunk and decide that talking about hell would be a great idea! Idiots.
Need Beta For: Flow, coherence, copy editing

Story 5 - "Enochian," set from 8.01-8.07
Status: Incomplete
Characters: Dean, Sam, Cas
Pairings: none
Triggers: Night terrors, PTSD, and so much resentment you guys oh my god learn to communicate
Summary: Another Dean POV! Woah! Dean's sleeping patterns have changed since Purgatory, and now that he's waking up earlier than Sam he's noticing the kids having a lot of nightmares. And screaming a lot. In Enochian, which is, um, weird. But what the hell is Dean supposed to do about it?
Need Beta For: Plot/where do I go from here, character voice, flow, and coherency

Story 6 - "The Grand Chasm," addressing a minor continuity error in 8.21 ;)
Status: Complete
Characters: Sam, Dean, flashback!John,Jess,Others
Pairings: past Sam/Jess
Triggers: none
Summary: This is what happens when you spend your whole childhood lying about what you did on your summer vacation: you start to get confused over whether you actually ever went to the Grand Canyon or not. Sam recalls times he lied about his life to outsiders, and tries to remember which story is real.
Need Beta For: Coherency, copy editing, and flow
29 February 2016 @ 01:59 pm
Title: The Best of All Possible Friday Evenings

Author: Kettricken ( AO3 )

Genre: Slash

Pairings or Characters: Main pairing Sastiel (Sam-centric), established Destiel; there is also a voyeuristic subtext that can be read as Wincestuous or OT3, but does not have to be. Other characters are Kevin, Gabriel, Mrs. Tran.

Type of beta you'd like: Continuity (especially bunker geography plausibility), characterization, pacing, hotness litmus test. No need for quick turnaround here, just looking for a second pair of eyes because I haven't written in this fandom before, and haven't written NC17 before. Hoping for successful tone (light but with some h/c notes) & hotness in the piece.

Length: ~6000

Short Summary: Season 9 fix-it (no Gadreel). Sam's sick and feeling a little neglected, what with Dean and Cas getting so hot and heavy just down the hall. When Gabriel unexpectedly shows up, it's Sam who's stuck putting out all the fires - or at least trying to keep up with them! Lighthearted feel-good NC-17, with a little bit of h/c in the resolution because it's Sam.