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08 February 2016 @ 06:35 pm
Hello there!

Ficname: Self-Induced Psychosis
Genre: Angst, Gen
Spoilers: End of S3 and flashback seen in S4
Characters: Sam, Dean, imaginary!Dean, brief appearance by Ruby
Parings: None
Length: Oneshot,
Notes/Triggers: Suicidal ideation, near suicide attempt, discussions of mental illness, alcohol and drug use
Micro-Summary: A look at Sam after the end of S3.
Summary: Sam doesn't go crazy after Dean dies. At least not in the way he wants to. He wishes he was crazy: maybe if he was hallucinating, he could pretend that Dean was still here. Instead, he imagines up fake-hallucinations, a desperate attempt to hold on to the memory of his brother. Maybe if he pretends hard enough, he'll actually lose it: after all, he'd prefer life in a mental hospital with an imagined Dean to life without him.
Need Beta For: Clarity/Voice/Flow
Turnaround Time: No deadline, but I'd like to post ASAP. ^_^
08 February 2016 @ 01:38 pm
So...I'm working on an English translation for a fic a wrote a while (well, a very long while) ago, and I would really love a beta.

I got back to the fandom after years of absence, and was struck with the need to get back on the horse and put it out there.
English is not my first language, so i'm guessing there are going to be some grammer mistakes and other ESL issues in it (sorry!).

It's a wincest fic, one-shot (the end result will probebly be around 2500-3000 words), semi-pwp (nc-17 like woah), established relationshiop and post apocalypse.

I would be extreamly greatful for any volenteers...

drop me a line if you are interested,

and thanks!
01 February 2016 @ 12:59 am
I know I should have finished and asked for a Beta earlier but, life happens.
I need a beta for the reverse bang quickly.
My posting date is on the 10th and I've already rescheduled once.
If someone could please beta my work I would be very appreciative.

Ficname: Love Art and Basketball.
Fandom: RPF. Slash
Parings: Jared/Misha
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Felecia Day. Minor OCs
Word count: 24,770
Rating: R for nudity
Summery: Misha Collins becomes dorm mates with Stanford's start basketball player, Jared Padaleki.
Jared's life is falling apart.
He is suspended from the game, his girlfriend dumped him, and all of his friends hate him.
Why is his new room mate so helpful after Jared had been so mean to him?
But Misha has a horrible past full of heart ache and despair.
And Jared might just be falling for him.
30 January 2016 @ 08:15 pm
Title: Untitled
Genre: Coda, deals heavily with depression, maybe some mentions of suicide
Pairings or Characters:Dean/Cas, Castiel, Lucifer
Type of beta you'd like: mostly canon, as well as general grammar and spelling
Length: around 1000 words
Short Summary: Coda that deals with the events of 11.11 and some possible events between episodes
Turnaround Time: as soon as possible
29 January 2016 @ 12:41 am
Title: haven't decided yet.
Genre: Humor/Drama/Fluff/Slash/AU
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Castiel
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar and spelling, please. I'm dyslexic so I have a bit of trouble catching errors on my own. And comments on the pacing and plot would be nice.
Length: Stand-alone, around 8-10k
Summary: the fic is still a WIP. It's a high school fic, centering around the relationship of soccer player!Dean who is beloved by all but is missing something in his life, enter theater enthusiast! Cas who will turn his world upside down.
Turnaround Time: the final draft due date is May 1st, so we got February-March to work on it.

(The fic is in Google docs, I find it easier to work that way, but if you'd rather some other, just let me know.)
Genre: Angst/Romance/Fluff/Slash/Wincest/AU/RPS etc.
Pairings or Characters: mostly Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling/translation (writer is struggling with English)
Length: varies from short drabbles to multichapter 30k fics

Writer: lilyy
Writer's native language: Italian
Lilyy is trying to write fics in English but is struggling, I would love to help myself but Italian is not one of the languages I speak, if any of you do and are interested in becoming a long-time beta then please let me know.
20 January 2016 @ 11:10 pm
Title: Make The Best Mistakes
Genre: College AU
Pairings: mostly Sabriel, side Destiel
Type of beta: grammar, spelling, plot (lots of plot)
Length: ~10k
Short Summary: Sam gets setup with Gabe by Cas and Dean and actually really likes him. But he also has a crush on this guy that comes into the library where he works. Things get complicated.
Turnaround Time: ideally Thursday evening (EST) but worst case Friday morning (EST). And yes I mean Thursday January 21. My beta dropped out suddenly and I'm in a huge bind and would appreciate any help. Can email as an attachment or use google drive.
20 January 2016 @ 03:02 am
Title: The Side Effect Of You
Genre: AU, crime, thriller, angst
Pairings or Characters: J2
Type of beta you'd like: grammar, spelling, plot (definitely plot).
Length: currently at ~12k, estimated final WC = 20k.
Short Summary: Jensen's best friend, Jared, disappeared 10 years ago. Suddenly, Jensen is seeing images of Jared on his television and he has no idea what to do. The only thing he knows is that he has to find him.

Turnaround Time: End of the month/up to posting date. Will probably have to share doc via OneDrive or GDrive or work out a way I can send the rest.
Title: Blazing Hearth (working title)
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Pairings or Characters: Sastiel, possible canon characters as well as OCs
Type of beta you'd like: I’d like to say something specific but it’s been ages since I’ve written anything so pretty much everything (with a less emphasis on plot, as this story isn’t too plot heavy)
Length: ~5000-10000, possibly more than that
Short Summary (Working summary): Shortly after suffering a serious injury Sam Winchester is left financial struggling with the possibility of losing his apartment. After being forced to go to a soup kitchen, Sam meets a homeless stranger who might be just as unfortunate as he is.
Turnaround Time: This is for of the Ace!Mini Bang so there is a due date and various deadlines, which are listed here (http://acespnminibang.tumblr.com/schedule), so basically the end of the January beginning of February

Title: Mother May I
Genre: Drama/Pre series (this could realistically be a canon story)
Pairings or Characters: Gen. Young Sam and Dean (Dean has just turned 5 and Sam is around 8 months old), John Winchester, Mary Winchester
Type of beta you'd like: As I mentioned I haven't written in awhile so mostly sentence structure, tense, grammar etc.
Length: ~1000-2000, split into two chapters
Short Summary: During a frigid and snowy winter, Dean is lead away by a ghost who he believes to be his mother
Turnaround Time: around a week or so
09 January 2016 @ 09:27 am
Title: I need a hero
Genre: Action, Superhero AU,
Pairings or Characters:Sabriel, side Destiel
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar and Spelling, a little bit of story telling
Length: Multi-Chapter, 25K+ (Will receive the piece in halves)
Short Summary: Superhero AU. Sam Winchester is a superhero (Member of the Hunters) and has powers very similar to that of the demon blood time on the show. Gabriel is an anti hero hat goes by the name "Trickster" Sam looses himself in visions and Gabriel tries to steady him. There is a sex scene and has many possibly triggering moments such as panic attacks, dissassociating, and use of needles
Turnaround Time: Last week of January to First week in February
05 January 2016 @ 11:23 pm
Title: In Search Of Fields So Green

Genre: AU - Vikings

Pairings or Characters: Meg x Castiel. Background minor Sam x Rowena (very minor, more implied than anything else) and even more background Dean x Lisa. Characters include Meg, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Rowena, Raphael, Uriel, Ion, Zachariah, and a host of Viking types.

Type of beta you'd like: Plot, grammar, spelling. Also, I wrote this tired and I edited tired. If you find any places where it can use more "local color" I'd love to hear about it.

Length: 3 chapters, 11,001 words.

Short Summary: AU: Meg is the leader of a band of Vikings seeking to invade Anglia. She's not looking simply to raid and run; she's looking to establish a foothold. Castiel leads a small garrison trying to defend the citadel.

Time frame: posting date is Jan. 18.

Note for betas: This fic is up in Google Docs, and it is easiest for me to work with a beta in this format.
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05 January 2016 @ 02:12 am

Hello there!

I'm translating a long fic from my native language (Italian) into English, and I'm in desperate need of a beta reader for my story.Since English is not my first language, there will tons of grammatical mistakes that need to be checked and adapted to the characters.

It's a heartbreaking story about Sam suffering of a very nasty PTSD after 7x17. It's slightly Wincest but nothing too explicit.

It's still incomplete, but I'm working hard on it.

Any good soul willing to help me? :)

I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with the story :) :)

Thanks in advance!!11

03 January 2016 @ 02:50 am
Title:  Chasin Picket Fences (Rewrite)
Genre: Drama/Gen/Het/AU/Pre-series
Pairings or Characters: Dean & OFC. No other pairings.
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling/continuity/plot/opinions on plot direction
Length: Multi-chapter. Original story was 10,764 words. Rewrite version is WIP. Only first 2 chapters done and may be long gaps between chapters. I'm estimating it will be somewhere between 10,000 and 16,000 words.
Short Summary: Working on a rewrite of my story Chasin Picket Fences (And there’s always hell to pay). The story summary is: Dean has been leading a double life for four years: The life of a hunter and one he kept secret from his family. But in less than a month, both lives are torn apart as the walls come crashing down around him and his secret is exposed.

Not a deathfic but does feature death of OFC who’s pregnant and the baby dies too, courtesy of a serial killer who goes after pregnant women, which will be explained in chapter 2 so that one's a little dark. Some parts of the original story will be included in the re-write and my original story beta isn’t available, but I feel like I need one for this. The story can be found on my livejournal under the tag chasin picket fences if you want to get a feel for the overall storyline.
Genre: Crossover / smut / general
Rating: 18 +
Pairings: Dean / Cas, Dean / Benny, Cas / Benny, Dean / Faith (Buffy), Meg / Faith (Buffy), Sam / OFC, Mary / John, Sam / Jess
Warnings: Sex, violence, possible minor character death, original characters, needy author
Word count: Varies, generally over 1000 and multi - chapters / multi - parts (crossover is approximately ten stories of various lengths plus timestamps).
Summary: I have three main projects: a massive Buffy / Angel / SPN crossover set post AtS and during season five of SPN; a Dean / Cas / Benny Terrible Life AU, and an historical AU that takes place in the mid - 1900s and includes Mary / John in WWII (non - explicit) and Cas / Dean at Woodstock (explicit).
Need help with: Grammar, syntax, repetitive phrasing, flow, Americanisms / Britishisms (I'm Canadian, we're pretty similar, but I need to Americanise my spelling and several of my characters are British); sex positioning / plausibility; research help, fact / canon checking, plot / world building, characterisation; confidence boosting and hand holding. For crossover, must have excellent knowledge of BtVS and AtS including post - series comics. Knowledge of French, Latin, and Enochian a bonus. Warning: will have to deal with lots of rambling.
09 December 2015 @ 09:39 pm
Genre: Horror, femslash
Rating: teen
Characters/Pairings: Lily Baker, Lily/OFC
Warnings: murder, gore, off-screen briefly mentioned suicide – all related to demon posessions that don't happen to the main characters
Word count: ~5k
Summary: This isn't the polished version, but as a synopsis: Lily Baker somehow escaped Cold Oak and, still terrified of her ability to kill people with a touch, has moved to Alaska. A demon arrives in town, Lily starts to suspect that her ability has gone, and she gets closer to her landlady. It's a horror fic that hopefully has a lot of the vibes from early SPN, aka when demons were still scary.
Specific needs: I'd just appreciate someone to check that the story makes sense, and Lily has a consistent character
Turn around time: basically as soon as possible would be nice!
07 December 2015 @ 11:47 pm
How to contact me: my tumblr, http://invisibleauxyeux.tumblr.com

Genres you will beta: Any, but especially fluff, AUs, ABO

Genres you won't beta: non-con (past non-con usually okay), dub-con, incest, deathfic, torture, fics with a lot of smut, RPS, s11 canonverse (haven't gotten around to watching it yet)

Pairings you will beta (within your specified genres): Destiel, any others except...

Pairings you won't beta (within your specified genres): Sam/Lucifer (possible exceptions for AU), Wincest or other incest ships, any pairings where one party is unable to consent (adult/child, teacher/student, sex below high school age, etc.)

Gen or Character studies you'd beta: Any

Gen or Character studies you won't beta: None

Beta strengths: grammar/spelling, plot, continuity, Americanisms and familiarity with american universities, can check dialog if characters speak in French at some point

Beta Weaknesses: Picking out OOC stuff because I mostly read AUs. I often find even well-written sex scenes boring but can make sure everybody's limbs are where they should be. I also work 60+ hours a week so I may be a little slow and wouldn't be comfortable accepting if you're working on a specific deadline

Length of the fics you'd beta: Any, 5-15k ideal

Any other info: I'm demi and pretty involved in the aro/ace community so I can check for sensitivity/accuracy in aro/ace spec characters. I attended a large American university and love college aus. I have experience working as a cook in a restaurant and a ton of knowledge and experience related to baking and working in a bakery as well as working in a family business. I don't know if it's helpful, but I'm super into languages and language learning and speak bits and pieces of 5 languages including English. Feel free to pick my brain even if you don't want/need me to beta
Title: Sadly, I don't have one yet.
Genre: drama/angst
Pairings or Characters: Castiel/Meg (just pre-megstiel), characters included: Castiel, Hallucifer and Meg.
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar and spelling. English is not my native language, so there can be (and probably is) all kinds of mistakes. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with what I've written, but I'm open to suggestions if you see something that just doesn't work.
Length: 582 words.
Short Summary: This is what I'm going to use: "I was lost before I took your pain." Castiel absorbs Sam's Hell memories and this is what he sees. Meg included.
Warnings: I'd rate this R for torture and possibly disturbing imagery. Most of the fic consists of Hallucifer torturing Castiel and it gets pretty graphic. Oh, and it's written in second person with Castiel's POV.
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27 November 2015 @ 11:56 pm
Title: Dirt on Your Hands
Genre: AU, Angst
Pairing: J2
Type of beta you'd like: Plot, structure, characters, prose, general thoughts. Looking for someone who will help throughout the revision process to posting.
Length: 13k for now; I haven't done any editing yet.
Short Summary: Basically, a ND oil workers au with lots of pining and some misunderstandings.
Original prompt and first 3k or so words can be found here

Beta found
24 November 2015 @ 11:39 am
Title: Between Flour and Dough
Genre: fluff, alternative universe - bakery, slow burn,
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Cas (more build up to than actual dean/cas),
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar and plot, maybe check if they're not too ooc?
Length: Stand alone - 5.1k
Short Summary: Dean loves working at the family bakery. He's grown up there, helping his father in the kitchen and stealing cookies when he wasn't watching. Except now that his father passed away, he's alone in the kitchen. With the holiday season coming up, his mother decides they should hire someone to help him out, even if it's just for a couple of weeks. When Castiel - and old friend of Sam's - comes in, it reminds him just how much he's missed having someone around while working. Soon, their friendship blossoms. Or maybe more?
Turnaround Time: I'm posting this on the 29th of November, so it would be great if it would be possible by 27-28th of November (GMT +1)
Title: Dunno yet- file is called stalking stalky
Pairings or Characters: Destiel
Type of beta you'd like:
Length: 23,800
Short Summary: Dean is a rare omega that need to be matched and mated so his parents are introducing people to him. Castiel is a friend of Dean's dad who catches Dean's attention as they progress Castiel grows increasingly obsessed with Dean, who in turns liked the attention. (Idk, my fics are dark weird, there is some violence but no one dies though)

Title: Dunno yet- file is called purgatory babies
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Monsters
Type of beta you'd like:
Length: 27,400
Short Summary: Dean goes to purgatory and without birth control he's forced to go into heat every five years. He fights off the monsters until one of them proves too strong and in Dean's heat-mind is worthy to breed him. This is very Dean centred with end game Destiel popping up. There is violent deaths in this and graphic births.

Here is my AO3: archiveofourown.org/users/Miss_Lv
Take a look and if you're ok with the kinda stuff I wrote and wanna proof read these massive monsters for spelling and grammar errors please let me know! I only ask that it doesn't take over a week to proof read.