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16 October 2015 @ 08:12 am
Various short pieces in need of beta  
Title: Various, including two time stamps, a chapter from a WIP, and a stand-alone
Genre: romance, ABO
Rating: G - NC17, depending on the piece
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Sam, Charlie Bradbury, Kevin Tran, Michael, Gabriel, practically the entire angel garrison during one of the timestamps
Pairing: Dean/Cas, Sam/Jessica Moore for one of the timestamps
Type of beta needed: light SPaG, flow
Length: 5k one-shot, one finished 1k timestamp, 2 unfinished timestamps that will probably be 4-5k when finished, a chapter for a longer WIP that is curren't 7.6k, but will probably be around 8.5-9k when I'm done with it
Short Summary:
  • One-shot is written off a tumblr prompt: “you kissed me on the playground the day before you moved away in the 4th grade and now your dorm is right across the hall from mine” College!AU where Dean's the RA and Cas recognizes him as the boy who kissed him in 4 grade, but Dean doesn't recognize him. Lots of UST. Charlie and Kevin are both in this one and both sort of awesome.

  • 2 timestamps for my fic The Substitute. One is finished at a little over 1k. The other is I am currently working on, and I expect it will end up being somewhere in the 4-5k mark. The original story is ABO, and there will be heavy mentions of mpreg in the second timestamp, very vague mentions of it in the finished one (Cas talks about setting up a college fund for their future pups).

  • Chapter 15 of my chaptered WIP, The Trenchcoat Avenger of Truman High. The chapters has human Cas following Dean and Sam working one of the minor cases featured in season 1 of the show (I'm not saying which to not spoil the surprise for my readers). I'm finishing this one up now, and I expect that it will end up being around 8.5-9k when it's done.

  • I don't have a definite deadline for any of these, especially since some of them aren't even finished yet, but soon-ish would be great.

    I can swap beta for beta for anything under 35k that doesn't feature incest, wincest, or any of the actors, if that entices anyone.

    Thank you!