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21 March 2016 @ 02:35 pm
Beta Request for a short series of one-shots?  
I have a series of one shots in the making, focused primarily on Sam and his myriad coping mechanisms/mental health issues, as well as some of Dean's. 6 stories - 3 complete, 3 not - but hope to do more. I would like beta readers for ANY (or all) of these stories, and will therefore post separate descriptions of each story so you can pick & choose whichever one(s) you're interested in.

Hope this is okay with the mods! Lemme know if it's not, and I'll change it.

Story 1 - "Get Him Back," set between Season 3 and 4
Status: Complete
Characters: Sam, imaginary!Dean, brief appearance by Ruby
Pairings: none, hints of canonical Sam/Ruby
Triggers: Suicidal ideation, near suicide attempt, a character trivializing mental illness, alcohol and drug use
Summary: Sam wished he went crazy after Dean died: it would have been nice to be able to pretend his brother was still alive and actually believe it. Instead he just half-pretends he's crazy, talking to a Dean he knows isn't there and hoping that eventually he'll lose it.
Need Beta For: Flow and coherency, especially in the ending

Story 2 - "Storytime," a semi-smutty fic set after Sam discovers SPN fanfic in 4.18
Status: Incomplete
Characters: Sam, past!Jess, fictional!Jess, Dean
Pairings: Sam/Jess, Sam/his hand
Triggers: None
Summary: Sam discovers SPN fanfic and, while at first enraged when he sees the Sam/Jess smut, is haunted by the idea until he seeks it out himself. It's the clearest he's been able to see her - imagine her - in ages (he doesn't even have her picture anymore), and soon enough he finds himself addicted to it in a really depressing, unhealthy way. And when Dean notices that you're jackin' it on the computer more than HIM... Dude, you have a problem.
Need Beta For: To help me figure out how to resolve this shit! I need a sounding board, and then hopefully someone to help me tidy it up. =]

Story 3 - "Detox," set in 4.21
Status: Incomplete
Characters: Sam, hallucination!Dean, halluci!Ruby, halluci!Alistair, *everybody* is a hallucination
Pairings: none, hints of canonical Sam/Ruby
Triggers: Solitary confinement, near-death experience, suicidal ideation, hallucinations of torture
Summary: Sam is strapped down in a room for hours, certain that he's going to die, and this is what he sees.
Need Beta For: Plot/where do I go from here? (This is the most undeveloped story here, and I'd like a sounding board to discuss it with)

Story 4 - "Apple Pie, Jose Cuervo, and Awesome Coping Mechanisms," set after 7.18
Status: Complete
Characters: Dean, Sam
Pairings: none
Triggers: graphic mentions of torture, vague references to rape, a LOT of drinking, and bad coping mechanisms
Summary: Dean POV: Things are looking up! At least a little. Cas is alive (albeit crazy as a sack of cats at the moment), Sammy's got Lucifer out of his head, and Dean found a dollar-mart mini apple pie in the trunk that is, hopefully, from *before* Sucrocorp ruined everything. So the boys get drunk and decide that talking about hell would be a great idea! Idiots.
Need Beta For: Flow, coherence, copy editing

Story 5 - "Enochian," set from 8.01-8.07
Status: Incomplete
Characters: Dean, Sam, Cas
Pairings: none
Triggers: Night terrors, PTSD, and so much resentment you guys oh my god learn to communicate
Summary: Another Dean POV! Woah! Dean's sleeping patterns have changed since Purgatory, and now that he's waking up earlier than Sam he's noticing the kids having a lot of nightmares. And screaming a lot. In Enochian, which is, um, weird. But what the hell is Dean supposed to do about it?
Need Beta For: Plot/where do I go from here, character voice, flow, and coherency

Story 6 - "The Grand Chasm," addressing a minor continuity error in 8.21 ;)
Status: Complete
Characters: Sam, Dean, flashback!John,Jess,Others
Pairings: past Sam/Jess
Triggers: none
Summary: This is what happens when you spend your whole childhood lying about what you did on your summer vacation: you start to get confused over whether you actually ever went to the Grand Canyon or not. Sam recalls times he lied about his life to outsiders, and tries to remember which story is real.
Need Beta For: Coherency, copy editing, and flow
alyndra: Elizabeth Swannalyndra on March 25th, 2016 10:06 am (UTC)
Hi, your stuff sounds like it might be right up my alley! I've only beta'd once before so I may not know what I'm doing, but if you're interested maybe we could look at each other's fic? I'm mainly interested in getting an outside perspective for all the stuff that might only make sense inside my head.

All your stories look like something I'd read, so if you want to pick whichever one you want to send me to start with, I'd be happy to give it a try!
SaltedShotgunssaltedshotguns on May 21st, 2016 11:41 am (UTC)
Hey! I'd be glad to help out with stories 3, 5, and 6.