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25 February 2017 @ 01:24 am
Beta For Destiel Reverse Bang 2017!  
Title: As Yet Unnamed
Genre: AU, Fantasy
Pairings or Characters: Destiel mainly. Possibility of a mention of Dean/other
Type of beta you'd like: Typical beta stuff (grammar, flow, asking 'um, really?'), and plot hole poker. I really need a plot hole poker! Knowledge of Enochian would be cool, because I've got some Enochian in the story, but totally not necessary!
Length: I'm thinking this will be about 10-20k.
Short Summary: His whole village loves the angels and uses their magic to help their lives. But Dean knows better. He knows the angels aren't their friends. The angels have stolen Sam and countless children before and after him to be slaves in their city in the mountains. Dean is determined to save his little brother and prove to his fellow villagers that the angels are untrustworthy. But are the things he's believed his whole life true? When Dean is confronted with evidence that rocks his whole world, who will he believe and how will he make peace within his own heart?
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