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06 November 2016 @ 02:48 pm
Genres you will beta:
H/C is my personal favourite, but I can beta any if not mentioned in the next section (including RPF, torture, deathfics etc.)

Genres you won't beta:
Any non-canon pairings, romance, explicit sexual content

Gen or Character studies you will beta: All

Beta strengths: Spelling and punctuation, characterisation, consistency. Third person narrative preferred.

Beta weaknesses: Living on the other side of the ocean, I can't help with typically American stuff (except for language differences, I read a lot of American books). I also get too picky sometimes.

Length of the fics you'll beta: Any, but I prefer to receive stories (or chapters) no longer than 3,000 words at once. If the entry is longer, prepare to wait.

Any other info: Although I'm pretty familiar with beta reading, I'm no professional. I'm perfectly fine to work with people whose first language is not English, if you're willing to write it (which I know is not easy), I'm willing to help you out.

Please PM me if you're interested. 
06 November 2016 @ 08:29 am
Title: A Hazy Shade of Winter
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, kinda emotionally slashy between Sam & Cas but nothing explicit, references to past wincest
Pairings or Characters: Sam, Cas, Gabriel, Jody, Alex, Claire, Dean
Type of beta you'd like: I think I just need somebody to read it through to see if it makes sense. It's for the Sastiel Big Bang but the central relationship is more wincesty than I originally intended with lots of hallucinations and dreams. Does Sam feel in character? Grammar/spelling error help always appreciated, too, although I'm pretty good with that stuff mostly.
Length: 28,510-word stand-alone complete.
Short Summary: Alternate ending for 11.23. Dean carries out the plan to sacrifice himself by destroying Amara, saving the world in the process. Just before he does, he makes Cas promise to stay with Sam, to take care of him and stop him from "doing anything stupid." After Dean's death, Sam goes mad with grief. In a last ditch effort to save him and make good on his promise to Dean, Castiel wipes Sam's memories of his brother, leaving Sam a walking shell of a man who can barely remember what he had for breakfast. Sam's functioning, but existing isn't the same as living, and Sam can't shake the feeling that there's something missing. This story assumes the London Men of Letters storyline doesn't happen, God has died or disappeared, and there is no Mary Winchester returned from the dead.

Timeframe: Draft final deadline is November 26.

22 October 2016 @ 01:16 pm
Title: Counting Stars
Fandom/Genre: Hurt/comfort
Pairing (s): Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~10,000
Warnings: mentions of past child abuse, past abuse, canon character death in non-canon ways

Summary: Dean Winchester will do whatever it takes to protect his family. And when the infamous "philanthropist" Dick Roman poses a threat to him and those he cares about, he will do what he needs to, to keep them safe. But when he kidnaps Dick's son, Castiel, things take a turn he didn't expect. Dick refuses to pay ransom and Dean discovers Castiel isn't what he was expecting. He doesn't share his father's corruption, and is perhaps, someone who has, even more, reason to hate Mr. Roman more than Dean. Soon Castiel has become one of the people Dean wants to protect.

All Castiel ever wanted was a normal life, a safe life away from the tight control of his father. When he is kidnapped by a green eyed stranger, he might just get his chance to be free of his father.

Together with a hacker named Charlie they might just be able to be free of the web of corruption of Dick Roman, once and for all.

Time frame: My posting date is November 10, and I don't need a lot of time to make changes, so anytime before that would be fine.

Best way to contact me: either make a comment on this post or PM me, either works.:)
09 October 2016 @ 06:21 pm
Title: Howling the Moondogs
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~40k
Warnings: Graphic Depiction of Violence, PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Canon divergent from 08x23: Sacrifice. Fallen and slowly being eaten up by guilt for having helped Metatron empty out the skies, Castiel seeks refuge at the bunker and tries to find a way to set everything right. He clings to the one connection that he has always trusted to anchor him over the years, until it starts to crumble under the weight of all their combined responsibilities and finally disappears into the dark without a trace.

I had a beta reader, but due to RL problems they can't help me after all. I'm not a native speaker, so I'd need someone to read it over and check for grammatical mistakes. I've gotten an extension so I will be able to set a new posting date with my beta reader once I've found one (late November for example). Would really appreciate help!!

Found one!
05 October 2016 @ 08:07 pm
Title: Every Rhyme Without Reason
Genre: slash, non-established relationship, hurt/comfort (both brothers), S1 drama/case!fic, Sam POV
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess; Sam POV
Type of beta you'd like: Primarily, I'd love some feedback on the flow/pacing of the fic (the pacing is quite slow, and both Sam and Dean have all kinds of non-linear non sequitur thoughts; and I feel like some of the moments where the plot moves forward might be gimmicky/abrupt/inorganic). Other things: If anyone knows how to play poker, there's a scene that would probably benefit from some fact-checking... And as a primarily gen writer, it would be nice to know if my sex scenes sound stupid??? And if so, I'd love advice on how to make them more plausible.
Rating: R
Word Count: 43,400
Warnings: [Spoiler (click to open)]incest (I mean...obviously, but), emotionally complicated/dubious consent, grief/trauma, socioeconomic/psychological precarity, drug use not as prescribed, brief scene of prostitution, insinuations of suicide/suicidal ideation, a little vore
Summary: Still shaky from the events of 1x12 "Faith," Sam and Dean take one too many cases in quick succession and find themselves stranded, with Dean injured and Sam struggling to stand his ground against the insanities of grief, exhaustion, and what seems increasingly like the intractable oblivion of hunting. When a hunter turns up dead at their motel--because of course one does--they find themselves at an uncomfortable crossroads: Just trying to survive the job itself is probably going to kill them before their monster can. Sam's just not sure if it's going to be starvation, overdose, or hypothermia--or maybe it'll be that maxed-out fake health insurance thing. Or maybe it'll be his psychic freakshow thing, after all.

They'll need each other more than ever, but need is a complicated thing; and Sam and Dean are either the best thing for each other or the very worst. It's time to find out which.

Timeframe: This is for the wincestbb. I don't have a posting date yet, but posting begins on Nov. 1, so somewhere in the ballpark of mid/late October would be helpful?

Thank you in advance!
04 October 2016 @ 09:04 pm
Title: Horse Skull
Pairings: N/A; main dynamic of story is between Ellen and Jo
Rating: Gen
Word count: ~11,600
Warnings: Creepy descriptions and images, mild body horror, and some physical injury, but nothing worse than what we've seen in the show
Summary: People have gone missing in a vast park in southern Texas, which is exactly the sort of thing people like Ellen and Jo are supposed to investigate. If the cause of the disappearances were anything as straightforward as ghosts or monsters, it's the sort of thing Ellen and Jo would have cleaned up within a week. But all they have to work with is a sluggish town and rolling, quiet desert. That, and a canyon where everything keeps slipping further and further away from what should be familiar.
Case fic. Set sometime after S2, after the Roadhouse has burnt down and Ellen and Jo are hunting together.

Deadline: This is for the spn horror mini bang and I post Oct 18. I'm mostly trying to figure out how to improve the fic's pacing; it feels really lopsided to me right now. Thoughts on it being in character would be nice, too. Thanks!
03 October 2016 @ 03:15 pm
Title:  Untitled as of right now
Genre: AU, unrelated Dean and Sam, Gen
Pairings or Characters:  None, though there is some implied John/Jody
Type of beta you'd like: grammar, readability, point out any inconsistancies or anything that might be unclear.
Length: Stand alone. Currently @ 11.5k words. 95% done.
Short Summary:  This is my SPN_Cinema entry and is inspired by Moonlight Kingdom. It's the story of two lost boys and how they find and save each other.

My posting date is Oct 13th. It'd be great if I could get this back a few days before the deadline. :D
27 September 2016 @ 02:58 pm
Title: What Would Happen (If We Kissed)

Genre: character study, Wincest, smut

Characters/Pairing: Sam/Dean, brief mention of Jess, brief mention of John

Type of Beta: grammar, readability, Dean-voice especially!, anatomy/movement errors, word choices, newbie writer errors

Length: Vignette, episode reaction (about 2000 words)

Short Summary: It's an explanation for Dean's eyes bleeding in Bloody Mary, but the "plot" is in the Pilot.  Predicated on the idea that Dean has vague psychic ability of his own, and had been having similar dreams as Sam's.  The whole series is Dean's POV, pining at his past relationship with Sam.  I go through each episode and write about a missing kiss.  This is one of the few that has any sex.

Turnaround Time: Immediate if possible!  I've been struggling with this thing for 2 weeks.
14 September 2016 @ 04:46 pm
Hi! I'm Alyndra; I've been a lurker/reader for ages, but a very slow writer; I'm doing it more though, now! You're welcome to check out and tackle anything I've already posted on AO3 here: mostly gen, especially about John Winchester, one het darkfic (described below); I may well write slash/poly in future. Despite posting a few older works from other fandoms recently, I'm pretty much all SPN currently!

I recently signed up for spn_j2_xmas and I'm eyeing spn_reversebang if that goes well, so it'd be great to have a beta I could work with for those (I don't think I'm liable to overwhelm anyone with quantity, lol) but even if you just wanted to work on one thing with me, it'd still be awesomely fantastic!

Title: Drifters (the Sam/Amelia fic you never knew you wanted)
Genre: Drama/Het/Darkfic/Kink
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Amelia, Sam and Dean are lifemates though
Type of beta you'd like: continuity, flow, dialogue: does this sound natural? Like people talk? Does it make sense outside my head?
Length: Multi-chapter: the first five chapters (posted: LJ/AO3) are 8,471 words; the sixth and last chapter, which is what I'd really like feedback on before posting, is 2,843 words.
Short Summary: Amelia is vaguely suicidal. Sam's highest goal is to not destroy the world.
Their sex life is extremely fucked up.
08 September 2016 @ 02:46 pm
Hello all! I'm looking for a beta to help me with my first multi-chapter fic! (Also, my first time working with a beta! Eep!) The details are listed below. PM me if you're interested. Thanks! :)

Title: Life As We Know It
Genre: Modern Setting, RomCom
Pairings and Characters: Dean/Cas mostly. Background Jess/Eileen. Mentions of Charlie, Jo, Ellen, Bobby, John, Balthazar, Ana, Gabe, Benny, etc.
Length: I'm aiming for 10 chapters. I already have 4 done. Each chapter is somewhere between 2k - 3k words.
Summary: As the title might suggest, this is based on the movie by the same name. However, I have never seen the movie - I snatched the idea and ran away with it before someone could stop me. Basically, Dean and Cas are asked to share custody of a baby after their mutual friends die in a car accident. (The friends are Anna and Balthazar, FYI.) They start out pretty much hating each other, but then they grow to like each other, and then like each other, and then they finally become a couple at the end of the story.
Turn Around Time: It's a WIP, but I'm trying to keep at it so that I don't let it fall to the wayside. There is no official deadline.
Rating: Mostly fluff. There are some canon character deaths at the beginning of the story, but they happen "off screen." Dean and Cas will be dealing with their grief over that for a couple of chapters, but we move on pretty quickly. There will be one NSFW chapter towards the end which will be clearly marked so that people can skip it if they want to. So be prepared to edit that chapter, but otherwise it's slow burn & fluff.
Looking For: I need someone to bounce ideas off of, who can catch grammar mistakes, and offer feedback on pacing, character development, and coherence. The longer I stare at these words, the harder it is to tell if it's coherent!

You can PM me if you're interested! Thanks!
05 September 2016 @ 10:47 pm
Title: Kinetics
Genre: Modern setting, no supernatural
Pairings or characters: Dean/Cas; Sam, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Charlie, Gabriel, John Winchester, Alastair, others
Type of beta you'd like: a bit of everything, really, but mostly big picture stuff like pacing and consistency, characterization, etc.
Length: multi chapter, so far 70k+
Short Summary: Dean Winchester can count on one hand the number of good things that have happened to him in his life. With fingers leftover. When Sculpture Magazine wanted to do a piece on him as the new up-and-comer in metal sculpture, he was guarded. But when he met Castiel, who was sent to document his work, he decided to take a chance on the growing connection between them. They learn that they are both in the BDSM lifestyle and agree to explore that together. Dean has a traumatic past, both in childhood and with bad Doms. They have to negotiate their relationship carefully.

Set in the modern world without the supernatural, Dean is a sculptor and Castiel is a photographer. Castiel is also a Dom and Bakushi—an expert that ties people up in the traditional Japanese way; his specialty is suspension ties. Dean is a sub who was never taught the meaning of Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Cas wants to show Dean how wonderful submission can be and he’s absolutely dying to tie Dean up and suspend him. Dean wants to let him. If only he wasn’t being targeted by a psychopath.
Turaround time: My posting date is late November, but I'd like to have all the back and forth done by Nov. 15th.
Warnings: violence, brief torture, language, explicit sex, discussions of past rape/non-con

Please PM me if interested. I would greatly appreciate the help.

23 August 2016 @ 01:48 pm
Title: A Fighter, a Ranger, and a Cleric Walk Into a Tavern
Genre: Modern setting, fantasy/horror AU
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Cas; Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby, Meg, Crowley, Jody Mills (minor), Balthazar (minor), Rufus (minor)
Type of beta you'd like: A little bit of everything, but primarily mechanics & the big-picture stuff: does the plot work, pacing, consistency in characterization, themes, style, etc. To a lesser extent: grammar & usage, inconsistencies & other errors as you see them.
[This fic draws heavily from RPG games like D&D and Pathfinder, but you don't need any prior knowledge]
Length: multi-chapter, ~80k
Short Summary: Dean and Sam have been hunting evil on their own ever since... well, let's just say it's been a while. The two of them have always been enough for whatever horrors they face, until they stumble ass-first into the midst of a pretty fucked up necromancer situation.
Turnaround Time: since this is for the DCBB, mid- to late-September at the earliest; I'll know my actual posting date soonish, and can adjust the turnaround time accordingly.
Warnings: mature rating for violence, gore, and language. it's a slow-burn & there is no smut. there are some pretty significant episodes of depression & alcoholism. it's very dark, but there's no mcd.

To contact: email me at tokudama.ekb [at] gmail.com

Tentatively sorted! Thank you!
29 July 2016 @ 03:01 pm
Hey there :) so I'm looking for a beta reader (or two) to look over my entry for dcbb this year. Deadline for first draft is coming up soon (15 Aug) but my fic is still a wip. Have a feeling I'm not gonna make the final deadline this year but would really appreciate some help from anyone kind enough to offer *flutters eyelashes pleadingly*. Also could probably do with someone willing to give me the odd kick up the ass, haha...but i guess that would be asking for extras... Final word count should be 20,000+ but at the moment what I've written doesn't come close to that so you may only wind up beta-ing the first couple chapters. I'm determined to finish this fic eventually, just may not be in time for dcbb... Ugh, I'm rambling aren't I... Final deadline is some time after 1st Oct. Um, what else do I need to include in this? It's dcbb so yeah, destiel but there's a couple of other (temporary) ships in there too and also sam/ruby. Hmm, there will be at least one major smut scene (destiel) and the usual spn level of violence/language etc... People do die in this fic but not dean/cas/sam. If there's any other questions/concerns feel free to message me whenever and I'll get back to you asap. Please help a screwed fic writer in need, hugs to anyone who bothered to read all this <3

Update: No longer writing this for DCBB as I didn't make the deadline :( but still would appreciate a beta reader as planning on posting it chapter-by-chapter on a (possibly) weekly basis.

Title: A Very Supernatural Faerie Tale
Genre: Dark Fairy Tale/AU/Smut
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Jo, Cas/Meg - both temporary. Cas/Dean, Sam/Ruby and Jo/Meg - endgame ships. Also lots of other spn characters: Rowena, Claire, Kevin, Charlie and Crowley to name a few...
Type of Beta: Honestly anything you have to offer would be awesome. Bit of spelling/grammar and particularly Americanisms.
Length: Multi-chapter. At the moment about 8000 words (oh chuck) but should increase to 20,000+
Short Summary: Destiel fairy tale au with a bit of supernatural style darkness shot through it... There is death (but not dean/cas/sam). There will be at least one smut scene. Spn style violence/language.
14 July 2016 @ 09:47 pm
Hi. I am in desperate need for a beta for my J2 Big Bang that is to be posted on July 21st. I have one but they doubt they will be done in time. It's a little over 40k and it features a/o/b with omega Jared and alpha Jensen, bottom Jared and Jared in panties. If anyone could help that would be wonderful. 
08 July 2016 @ 12:03 pm

I’m from Iceland and I have a dyslexia. I’m writing my first two stories right now and I’m hoping to find someone to help my since english has a lot of different  grammar rules than icelandic.

I have already started posting them on fanfiction, livejournal and AO3 but people over there suggested that I get a beta.

Title: Dean’s Angel

Genre: Hurt/comfort, family

Pairings or Characters: None. but if the beta is willing to help it might turn into Destiel

Type of beta you'd like: Mostly grammar, spelling, pov. I wouldn’t say no to help with the plot or flow. Basically what ever you are willing to give.

Length: Multi-chapter - estimated number of words: I have no idea, it started out as a one-shot but now it’s a six chapters long.

Short Summary: Something happened to Dean when he was one-year old that ended with him seeing dead people. This story is about how seeing ghost helps Dean become a even better hunter and how he can hide his abilities from other people while unknown to Dean, the angel’s (mostly Castiel) try to find out what happened all those years ago.

Turnaround Time: I don’t know, I just try to write when I have the time, and if I get a beta then I wouldn’t rush them to finish looking it over.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6601756/chapters/15103552

Title: The half-brother

Genre: Hurt/comfort, family, Angst

Pairings or Characters: Hopefully Destiel and Sam/?, but I’m not sure how good I am at writing romance.

Type of beta you'd like: Again, mostly grammar, spelling, pov or/and flow. Basically what ever you are willing to give.

Length: Multi-chapter - estimated number of words: I have no idea,

Short Summary: High-school AU: John left when Mary got pregnant with Dean. Few years later he came back with a new family. Now, almost 17 years later, Sam and Dean learn what it means to be brothers. ( Inspired by One three hill).

Warning: Sam and John are assholes in the beginning, but won’t stay that way in the end.

Turnaround Time: I don’t know, I just try to write when I have the time, and if I get a beta then I wouldn’t rush them to finish looking it over.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6644332/chapters/15201313

Title: tba
Genre: Space AU, Alien!Castiel, Prisoner!Dean
Pairings or Characters: Destiel
Warnings: sex (The fic starts out with a softcore foursome scene that doesn't get very far. I might be including some heavy Destiel action later in the fic. It will not dominate my writing. I promise that there is plenty of plot.)
Type of beta you'd like: punctuation, grammar, and spelling; though I would gladly welcome any additional input offered
Length: 20,000

Short Summary:Castiel has been hiding from himself for a very long time. Each time he drops a convict off at the nearest lockdown he tells himself that they deserve it, even though the idea of a fair trial died out centuries ago. He ignores the guilt he feels when he finds a suitable vessel among the damned, when he bribes the guards to purchase it, and when he's walking away from his former bretheren laden down with credits while the vessel is led away to be hollowed out for use. They deserve it. He deserves it.

Megla, his first mate and epic pain in the ass only friend, has been searching for a Nazp'sad (a human vessel capable of a true bonding) without his knowledge. She is convinced that the right one will pull her Captain out of his decades long funk.

But, when they finally find Dean will he still be worth all the trouble?

Turnaround Time: October 1st, I'm writing this for the Dean/Castiel Big Bang and that is the first day of posting. I expect to have a 100% rough draft by the end of the month.
ok, so apparently I'm writing now my first fanfic. (I read fanfics since 2013. And I mean excessive...).
Only Wincest or J2.

So, I'm from Austria. Therefore I need a beta for my spelling and grammar.

That's my first two paragraphs:
"The fog lifted itself little by little. The surroundings came clearer. But...nothing made any sense. Sam raised slowly his eyelids to look in front of him. He couldn't feel much at this point, everything was blurry before his eyes. Sam twitched back, but he couldn't go very far. Before his eyes there was the back of a head and he immedially knew who it was. "Dean!" Panic tried to claw his way out of his stomach, but he couldn't efford to loose his mind.
A stern voice, much like his father had possessed, told him in his mind 'take in your surroundings',  so Sam tried to move his head slowly to the side.

He was stiff. His hands hung loosely at his sides and Dean... "Dean!" Again, no response. "Dean? Can you hear me? Wake up". No response. 'Ok, your surroundings. Look'. Sam moved his head steady to his left side. There was something like a wall before him. A few feet from his face there was a glass wall. His stomach dropped. At the right side was the same. And before him, over him and...yes, his hands where feeling glass directly at his back too. A few inches from his ass was a wall. But he was standing. How could he be standing? And Dean stood too. But he was unconsious. How was this possible? He tried to get his left foot forwards but couldn't. Dizzy and disorientated it took a while for Sam to see how he was trapped. A solid broad metal band was forged around his waist and held him up."

you find any mistakes? Yeah? I don't see it. ;) So, I need help.

It's a work in progress. Momentary there are 4100 words. I think it will get to 7k, we will see.

best regards
15 June 2016 @ 11:26 pm
Title: Untitled as of now
Genre: AU ABO Mafia fic
Pairings or Characters: All spn characters, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess
Type of beta you'd like: Plot flow, continuity and characterization mostly. We are looking for a secondary beta since it's for a BB
Length: so far 40k.
Short Summary: It's a BB so I can't disclose much... Omega!Castiel, Alpha!Dean. Both are crime bosses from Russian Mafia in NYC and Italian Mafia in Boston MA. Includes torture, character death (not major) and a lot of violence and crime. NC-17 rating.
08 June 2016 @ 01:16 pm
Title: I Fear No Fate, For You Are My Fate
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Dean
Type of beta you'd like: plot, any grammar/spelling I may have missed myself
Length: 36,600~ currently, still expanding
Rating: R
Turnaround time: Posting date isn't until late July, so a good few weeks, but ideally as soon as possible
Warnings: Amnesia, depictions of characters in unbalanced mental states, swearing, sibling incest, talk of drug use (clinical use), inappropriate/inaccurate slurs, descriptions of violence and some gore, descriptions of vomiting (for emetophobia), needles.
Summary: In a small town like Guthrie, Montana, Sam Campbell was prepared to live out the remainder of his ordinary existence as the psychologist for the local psychiatric ward. What he wasn’t prepared for was the newest in-patient completely turning his life upside down. Armed with aggressive tendencies, an inhuman amount of snark and the firm belief that he and Sam know each other, the mysterious Dean proves to be a challenge Sam was never expecting to face. Especially since Sam has no recollection of ever meeting Dean before. Sam is forced to come to terms with his deeply entrenched fascination for this seemingly normal man and the dangerous feelings that come with it. The more he learns about Dean, the harder he falls, drawn in by his charm and the undeniable connection they have with each other. It’s only a matter of time before everything starts to fall apart and Sam realizes not everything is as it seems.

For Dean Winchester, life is hard enough without waking up alone in a motel room with no memories and nothing more than the clothes on his back. As he slowly pieces together the empty parts of his memory, Dean realizes that Sam is missing and he has no clue how to begin to find him. Taking on a local hunt in the meantime seems like a good idea until misplaced trust sends it sideways, leading to Dean being the newest addition to the psych ward just outside of town. In the end, he finds his brother – at a cost. Sam doesn’t know who he is, and Dean himself is still struggling with lost memories that continue to elude him. It doesn’t get any easier when a ghostly woman starts appearing, and even worse, he’s the only one who can see her. Left questioning himself on more levels than one, Dean has to fight to convince Sam that he’s sane. Perhaps his biggest challenge is believing it himself.

No longer searching! Found two kind and willing betas - thank you!