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13 October 2018 @ 10:19 am
Title: A Tigrefying Tail
Genre: Humor verging on crack, non-AU RPS
Pairings or Characters: Jared and Jensen (for the J2Reversebang), rated G
Type of beta you'd like: If somebody with a decent sense of what it's like filming tv shows in general or SPN in particular would be kind enough to come tell me where I've gone terribly awry, I would be grateful! Normal beta stuff as needed, any and all concrit welcome.
Length: Stand-alone; 8k
Short Summary: Jared is transformed into a tiger on the set of Supernatural (this was literally the art prompt and I'm still chortling gleefully over it eight thousand words later)

Posting sometime in November, so no rush.
10 October 2018 @ 12:22 pm
Title: From the Land of the Midnight Sun
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R for one not-very-explicit sex scene
Word Count: a little over 7K
Warnings/Tags: post-apocalypse AU, bottom!Jensen, powers!boys
Summary: Jared’s a lonely mutant with a fiery superpower until the day he falls into a cave and finds Jensen, another mutant from another time.
Type of beta needed: grammar and spelling mostly, but I welcome any comments or suggestions!
08 October 2018 @ 09:07 pm
Title: Ashes of Eden
Author: backrose_17
Genres: Wincest, implied threesome, time travel, bottom!Sam
Pairings: Demon!Dean/Standford!Sam, Dean/Sam/Demon!Dean, Dean/Sam
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling
Length: A little over 14k
Summary: Dean has embraced his demon side but has come up with a new plan to change history to prevent any of this happening and that involves a little time travel. Dean is going to ensure that heaven and hell will never use him and Sam as their pawns.
Warning: Character death
16 September 2018 @ 01:08 pm
Title: I will always love you

Author: whiskygalore

Rating: Explicit

Tags: Alternate universe, actor Dean, bodyguard Cas, mention of past dub/con, Dean’s self-worth issues, potty mouthed boys, a few homophobic slurs, some violence, Dean likes to snuggle, Cas is happy to oblige.

Wordcount: 49k

Summary: With his manager/constant sidekick/P.A./ginormous little brother finally marrying his pregnant fiancée and whisking her away on a well-deserved honeymoon, Dean is heading to Scotland all on his own for a two-month location shoot. Sam, never a man not to micromanage, has arranged for a P.A. to keep Dean organized in his absence and, thanks to a little emotional blackmail, a security consultant to watch Dean’s back.

Cas, the bodyguard, may be hot, but he’s also grumpy and thinks, probably rightly, that Dean’s a complete idiot. Plus, the poor guys got his hands full with Dean’s jealous cast-mates, asshole reporters, over-enthusiastic fangirls, and crazy internet stalkers, so really, it’s a good job Dean’s not Whitney Houston because falling for his bodyguard is too cliched even for him. Right?

Type of Beta: Spelling and grammar mainly, but if you want also a general idea of whether the story works or if there are any plot holes (remembering the time constraints and that I can’t rewrite the whole thing, lol) It is a bit of a monster of a fic, and I know it’s a huge ask, so really just anything you can manage.

Turnaround: My posting date is the 24th Oct and I’d like a week or two to work on it before then so maybe around 3-4weeks?

You can email me on karen73milne@gmail.com

Thanks in hopeful advance <3
27 August 2018 @ 03:58 pm
Title: Of cuddle circles and vessel temperature
Genre: fluff, gen
Pairings or Characters: Cas & Sam & Dean (intended as gen, but could possibly be read as Dean & Cas pre-slash)
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling
Length: 2.000 words
Short Summary: On their way back from a hunt, Dean, Cas and Sam are forced to take a break in the middle of the woods. It’s cold at night, and Dean and Sam explain the concept of sharing body heat to an intrigued Cas.
18 August 2018 @ 07:36 pm
Title: We Are Sick
Genre: RPS, AU, horror
Pairings or Characters: Jensen/Jared, multiple supporting cast members TBA
Type of beta you'd like: Anything you can give me, I will gladly accept!
Length: Multi-Chapter - has to be at least 4k to meet the qualifications of the challenge. I tend to go above and beyond, so I would say this won't be any less than 20k
Short Summary: Because this is for a challenge, I don't know how much I am actually allowed to give away here. I can tell you that this is going to be a dark fic. Jensen is very sick and twisted, while Jared has a lot of issues of his own. If you'd like to know more, please send me a message or comment here! Thank you so much!
30 July 2018 @ 05:45 pm

Hi everyone,

after lurking in the SPN-community for +4 years, I thought I offer something in return to all the great authors here. Writing is hard, I know that from experience. And so I thought I would offer my services as a beta-reader for anyone interested.

Read more...Collapse )
10 July 2018 @ 09:51 pm

Thought I had a beta, but it looks like she won't have anymore time before Thursday — my posting date.

At this point I'd like someone to just do SPAG on the parts she didn't get to. If you have time for improvements awesome, but not expected or required.

It's J2, NC-17 and I'm using google docs with track changes but I'm flexible if you want to edit in something else. I can take anything that will import into Open Office (most formats will). Also I'm still adding a few scenes, because I suck, so....


In a universe a little bit sideways from ours the fates still throw Jared and Jensen together. Jensen’s on his way back to Texas after his new pilot gets tanked, but Jared intervenes with plans of his own.

Jared’s in desperate need of a pretty male model for his next big gig. Next thing he knows Jensen is living with him, working with him and it feels like he’s known him forever. More unexpected is his attraction to Jensen, an attraction he can’t admit, even to himself.

Jensen accepts Jared’s offer to be his muse,. He promises himself not to fall for his super hot boss with the pretty girlfriend. The thing about promises is, they’re simple to make and hard to keep.

23 June 2018 @ 08:02 pm
Title: The Bonnie to your Clyde
Genre: Mob boss, au, some threesome
Pairings or Characters: J2 with some J3, Jeff/Jensen, and Stephen/Jared
Type of beta you'd like: Mostly grammar and spelling
Length:Multi-chapter, 25,108 words
Short Summary: A weekend together that two people couldn't forget find their way back to one another all thanks to an underwear-stealing cat. Only now Jensen is a mob boss but still the man Jared fell in love with.

This is my story for the SPN_J2 big bang I am a little late in finding a beta due to a hard drive fail my posting date is June 28th. 
17 June 2018 @ 10:19 pm
Title: In a family way
Genre: Gen, casefic, h/c

Pairings or Characters: Claire, Rowena, Dean (and very little Sam.)

Type of beta you'd like: grammar, spelling, US-English, Rowena characterization, midwifery/birth fact checking + anything you can think of! I am not sensitive to criticism.

Length: 15 k

Short Summary: When a hunt for a witch goes wrong, Claire ends up nine months pregnant. If that wasn't enough, the baby has powers. And if even that wasn't enough, a second witch is trying to kill her. Luckily, Sam and Dean know someone who can help with both the magic and the delivery - Rowena.

Warnings: I'd say this is Teen/R - there is a semi-graphic birth scene, a murder, and some naughty words.

Any help is much appreciated.

<3 <3
21 May 2018 @ 06:56 am
Title: Sleeping With The Enemy
Rating: PG17
Genre: J2, medieval-ish au (they talk pretty modern tho)
Pairings or Characters: Jared/Jensen, bottom!Jared
Type of Beta You’d Like: grammar, general feedback
Length: a little over 20,000
Tags/Warnings: explicit sex, show level violence, hurt!Jared, past hurt!Jensen, language
Summary: Jared has a secret that his long hair is hiding, the half moon birthmark on his neck is proof he is the ailing King’s illegitimate son. When the king dies, Jared and his best friend Chad, have to make it to the castle undetected, because the King’s brother is executing anyone that stands in his way of becoming King. They end up joining the King’s army, Chad as a soldier and since Jared can’t cut his hair, and really likes sex, as a companion. Commander Ackles takes him on as his personal bed partner. Now Jared has to figure out how to make it safely the castle without his secret being revealed and without losing his head or his heart to the Commander.
Turnaround Time: posting begins June 10th but no schedule yet so not sure what my date will be

Thanks to anyone that can help me. I post on AO3 as tammyrenh if you want to check my writing style and my really horrid use of commas and dashes :)
12 May 2018 @ 11:26 pm

Gosh, I hope I'm doing this right...

Title: Finding Your H(e)aven
Genre: A/B/O, Fluff
Pairings or Characters: Alpha!Sam/Omega!Dean
Type of beta you'd like: emotional level, logics
Length: 56k
Short Summary: FBI!boys investigate a case with no suppressants allowed. Dean goes into heat and gets pregnant while Sam persues his career, oblivious. After mutual pining they finally meet in the small town of Safe Haven.

I really really really need a second Beta reader for my SPN BB entry ASAP. The story is already beta'd, but tbh, I don't get along with my beta's work. We just don't fit, idk. Anyway, I'm looking for a second opinion. I don't mind if you're not a native speaker and/or don't want to deal with grammar/spelling. That is taken care of.

Needs to be done by June 10th.

25 January 2018 @ 03:11 pm
Title: I Wouldn't Mind a Kiss But Not the Puppy Kind
Genre: Fluff/Kidfic/Slash
Pairings or Characters: Non-related Dean/Sam, past Dean/Pamela
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling
Length: 15k
Short Summary: Single dad Dean adores his daughter Leia and is content with his life when he meets her substitute teacher Sam Dean finds himself falling for the young man. While Leia launches her own campaign to get her first puppy.

I post on Feb.3 so I need it back before then.  
25 January 2018 @ 11:48 am
Title: Daydreams
Rating: E (for the one sex scene)
Genre: wincest , angst, canon-divergent
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Dean, implied Dean/Lisa
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling, continuity error check
Length: a little under 10k
Tags/Warnings: Underage (Sam is 17)
Summary: It's been six years since Dean's brother abandoned him and their father to pursue a hunting-free life. In that time Dean's life has  changed in ways he could have never imagined. It's a good life, even if  it's a life without his brother. Now Sam is back and with him the  memories Dean hoped he'd locked away for good.

Turnaround Time: I'd like to have it back by 2/11.
28 December 2017 @ 07:32 pm
Title: riptide
Rating: M for language and some sexual content
Genre: wincest, angst, Stanford era
Pairings or Characters: Sam/Dean, brief mentions of Dean/OFC and Dean/OMC
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling, americanisms
Length: 6,300 so far, I have to finish some scenes but it shouldn't be over 8,000.
Short Summary: This fic is the third in this series where Sam is a trans woman. You wouldn't necessarily need to read the others to understand it, since this one is written in Dean's point of view, but I think it's important to grasp the atmosphere of the series as a whole. This one basically follows the events of Sam leaving for Stanford until right before the beginning of the first season of the show. It deals with some verbal transphobia and homophobia, so be aware of that.
Turnaround Time: After the holidays, the second week of January is fine. I don't have a deadline, so we can work on it as needed.
22 December 2017 @ 01:50 pm
I know this is a long shot because it's so last minute and such a busy time for everyone, but if anyone has time to give my gift fic a quick beta I'd be incredibly grateful!

Title: ??
Rating: NC:17
Genre: RPS
Pairing: J2
Wordcount: Around 9k
Summary: When Jensen, home from college for the holidays, suddenly presents as Omega, his stepfather takes advantage of archaic Texan laws to sell him off at auction. Luckily his best friend and the object of his crush, Jared, is the one to buy him.
Warnings: ABO, omega Jensen, noncon (defintely noncon because of the situation but the only sex is between J2), lots of dirty talk, medical exams, passing mention of castration, ambiguous ending. Not gonna lie, its pretty much porn.

Kind of Beta: It's so last minute and rushed I'd be happy with anything you can do, but mainly grammar, spelling and making sure there are no gaping plot holes.

 FOUND! Thank you!
12 December 2017 @ 07:51 am
Hey I've never done anything like this but I really wish I'd found it before.

Title: Deanna Winchester Has Been Saved
Genre: General for the most part/unaware crush? I guess? hehe/Gender swaps
Pairings or Characters: Michael, Castiel, Raphael, and Naomi
Type of beta you'd like: Just the bare basics, grammar and all of that.
Length: One-shot, almost 3k words, it's an offshoot to a series that I'm writing but I'm only asking for a beta for it
Short Summary: Michelle wants Castiel to become a Seraph, the problem with war is that it rarely goes how planned.

Found someone!
27 November 2017 @ 10:42 pm
Title: Second Chance Kid
Genre: Gen, De-aged Dean
Pairings or Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Bobby, Castiel, original angel
Type of beta: spelling, grammar, continuity errors, general feedback
Length: @13.5K
Short Summary:

Castiel rests a hand on John’s shoulder. “I cannot bring her back, but I can help you save yourself, save your sons.”

John’s head snaps up, the mention of his boys snapping him back to the present.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

The man looks past John. His face shifting from concern to surprise. “But, for now, I think that perhaps you have a more immediate problem.”

John spares a glance backward to see a four year-old Dean sitting on the floor, rocking himself and sucking his thumb.

Posting date is December 2. I'd be grateful for a second of eyes on this!  Any help would greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!
24 November 2017 @ 03:15 pm
So, I have left this to the absolute last minute, but I'm hoping some kind soul might be able to help. I need, desperately, a beta for my reverse bang fic, which posts on Monday. Yes, this Monday. I know I'm an idiot. Sorry! I'm thinking just a quick look over for major mistakes, spelling and grammar might be do-able if someone has a free couple of hours over the weekend.

Title: A Very Clumsy Romance
Rating: NC:17
Genre: AU
Pairing: Jensen/Jeff
Word Count: 17k
Summary: Jeff is a grumpy coffee shop owner. And the object of Jensen's crush. Jensen is accident prone. And shy. Luckily, or maybe not, his best friends, Jared and Chris, have his back. They're a whole lot better than he is at flirting and talking and not falling over their own feet. Oh, and also they're occasionally imaginary.

Warnings: The last chapter is just an excuse for porn, but it's all good clean fun really.

Thank you!
17 November 2017 @ 04:26 am
Title: Suffer love for all your bad parts.
Genre: RPS AU, Romance
Pairings or Characters: J2, other RPF characters
Type of beta: Americanisms - spelling, phrasing.
Length: currently a little over 3600 words, but with more to come. Will be likely 8000 - 10,000 total.
Short Summary: Jared and Jensen don't like each other. Sure, they dated years ago. Sure, the sex was great. Sure, they never really resolved their issues in the breakup. All that matters is that they are definitely not in love. At all. Right? 

This is for the spn_reversebang. I've left it very late (due to personal reasons) but am looking for someone to glance over it and then be willing to stay on while I finish writing the fic.