Beta Needed: SPN RBB 2021

Hi, I'm looking for a beta for my Reverse Bang fic, posting on November 25.

Working Title: Heaven On His Mind
Genre: Gen, finale fix-it
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Cas/Sam, non-sexual but vaguely romantic
Type of beta you'd like: Flow, Sam-voice, emotional impact
Length: One-shot, 3510 words
Short Summary: Dean has been acting strange ever since Chuck was defeated. Sam and Jack take a journey into the center of his mind to find out why.

Beta Needed: Reverse Bang 2021

Hi! I'm looking for a beta for my reverse bang fic. Main focus is technical - grammar, spelling, formatting, etc. - although help with continuity and flow would be welcome and highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Title [working]: Soul Tree
Word Count: ~15-20K
Pairing: Mostly gen. Canon relationships breifly explored.
Summary: Sam and Dean are two sides of one coin. When they get caught up in a spell that makes them face their duality, they come to understand just how inexorably linked they really are.

Beta needed for J2 Reverse Bang 2021


Hi, I'm writing my first J2 story in German and then translating it into English. I'm looking for a beta to check my English grammar and spelling. But maybe she will also look at the plot and point out logic holes or mistakes. And don't be afraid of the eight-legged creepy-crawlies mentioned below - they're also just ordinary wereshifters who deserve and get happy endings.

Fandom/Genre: Supernatural RPF, Action, Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort, Love
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Words: 10,000 - 15,000
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, Spelling, Plot
Posting Date: November 2021

Summary: Jensen hates spiders since he lost his family in the war. Then he is mistakenly fed with convicted criminals to the monster below the city. They fight back successfully and can escape.
Prince Jared is trapped in the cave in his huge spider form. By fighting with his "food" he comes into contact with the blood of his soul mate and can finally change his shape again and also flee. He chases the criminals because one of them is his companion.
Jensen narrowly escapes capture several times. Now he's also terrified of spiders. Nevertheless, he moves to Spider City to his uncle to hide there.
Then he receives an invitation to the royal ball in the Spider Castle, which he cannot refuse as a new city dweller.


Beta Needed for J2 Big Bang

Title: Moon to My Sun
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Pairings or Characters: J2
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling
Length: 20k
Short Summary: The world has long been protected by the Witches Council and the Hunters but when someone who holds a hatred for those who are born of both the human world and the magical one begins killing they must work together. Lead by legendary Hunter Jensen Ackles and the next High Witch Jared Padalecki they must work together to stop this. As they work together Jared and Jensen find something between them, a bond that neither one of them expected. They just might be each other's twin flames.
Warnings for off screen original character deaths.

Beta needed for deancas fic

Title: Hunters' City
Pairing: Deancas
Words: 79,412
Looking for: Someone to help me with continuity and just basic spellchecking, I feel that as the writer I easily overlook many errors.   
Short Summary:
"Two souls don't find each other by simple accident."

In a losing battle against angels, Dean Winchester needs to decide; whether to follow his heart, or watch his world fall apart.

Looking for a beta for a Gen case fic

I'm halfway through the longest fic I've ever attempted and I am admittedly stalled at the halfway point. 

I'm looking for someone to take a look at what I have so far and maybe get me moving on finishing the rest. 

It's an early season 13 casefic centering around Sam, Dean, and Jack (leaning towards a lot of problems for Sam in this conflict). 

The story came from a quote I once wrote down:

“So apparently,” Dean summarized. “Our Brainiac of the group is officially off the table for being too much of a Brainiac… well, that's just great.”


Beta Needed for SPN Meant-to-Be J2 Fic

Title: Home to Seaview (could change)
Genre: J2 RPS
Pairings or Characters: J2, past Jensen/Mark Sheppard
Type of beta you'd like: SPAG
Length: 9K
Short Summary: After a messy breakup with an abusive boyfriend, Jensen returns to the small coastal town where he spent his summers as a child and young adult. He came home to heal, to give back to the town that gave him so much, and to reconnect with the people who supported and cared for him. He never expected to find love again, but the handsome ex-Marine who moved into the house next door might be just the man for the job. And why does it feel like the entire community conspired to bring them together?

Note: This is my entry for the 2021 Meant-to-Be challenge. Posting is anytime between February 14 and March 14.

Thanks in advance!

Beta Needed for DeanWinchesterBigBang Deathfic

Hi. I’m posting here in hopes of finding a beta for my 18K fic for this year’s Dean Winchester Big bang. I’m looking for mostly just a look-over for spelling and grammar, but am always open to comments or constructive criticism.

Summary: As a final FU to Dean, Chuck kills all his friends, then Sam. The next moment, Dean (with Sam’s dead body) gets sucked through a rift into an alternate universe where an alternate Sam has just lost his brother. Together, these two grief-stricken hunters find comfort in each other and, eventually, learn to find a way to live without their brothers, if only temporarily. Set sometime in the latter half of Season 15.

Warning: This is a deathfic. Sam stays dead and Dean has to find a way to go on without him. The ending is hopeful, if not happy. It’s my response to the finale, although most of it was written before that event.

Posting begins January 24.