Beta for a j2 story

Hey guys! This is my first fic. Please give me some love.

Title: Currently untitled
Genre: RPF
Pairings or Characters: Jensen/Jared
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling
Length: 2.5 k ish
Short Summary: Jensen falls in love with Jared the day they meet. Too bad he doesn't meet the criteria to be his boyfriend.

Found!! Thank you for helping me!!

Hey guys! A newbie here!

I wrote a J2 AU few weeks back and sent it to my beta. For some reason, she had to back out and now I'm in desperate need of one. English is not my native language and hence, I'm looking for a beta who could help me.

Just to be clear, I wish to post it in next week before I post my Spn reversebang. So, anyone up for a quick bait? Please reach out to me.

Quick response would be highly appreciated


Beta needed for SPN Reversebang

Title: still Untitled
Genre: AU, Fairy tale setting, light Slash, merman!Castiel, hunters!Dean and Sam
Type of beta you'd like: any help would be appreciated, but consider English is not my mothertongue, so I would appreciate help in grammar/spelling/punctuation
Length: About 5k
Short Summary: Castiel turned to a merman. It's a Destiel, with a fairy tale setting.
Turnaround Time: my posting date is on 22nd November, so the deadline is quite close

Beta for SPN Reversebang

Title: The Last Hunter
Genre: post apocalypse, S/D
Type of beta you'd like: Any help would be appreciated. Its very sparse (especially at the beginning) on purpose which is a new style for me so any help with what works, what doesn’t
Length: About 4500
Short Summary: Sam POV. Sam and Dean have been separated. Sam has lost all hope after losing so many people he tried to save. Will a little girl be the key to Sam finding himself again? There is a sex scene (with Dean), bottom Sam.
Turnaround Time: I post December 6th

Beta for J2 Big Bang

Title Still working on that
Genre: dragon au, romance
Type of beta you'd like: Any help would be appreciated. I am bad at commas. Although it’s set in a vaguely medieval time period, I’m not trying to write language realistically but anything that stands out as not fitting in the tone of the fic. Any help with characterization or how the fic flows.
Length: About 20k
Short Summary: Jensen’s a dragon who finds his true love in local artist Jared. Jared’s parents and the townspeople really don’t like dragons. Some sexual situations. Mild angst.
Turnaround Time: No date yet. Sometime in November I think.
change my world

SPN/BtVS Crossover

Title: TBD (thinking something like Hunt, Slay, or Five By Five)
Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama/Het/Crossover
Type of beta you'd like: SPN fact-checker/characterization/lore. I need a rabid fan to help with the SPN side of things. I'm a Buffy writer.
Length: +/- 50k
Short Summary: Dean's a demon and up to no good. There are few people strong enough to make him bruise; Faith Lehane is one of them. Follows Demon Dean and his transition back to human. Dean/Faith pairing
Turnaround Time: Needed by December 25. It's a Christmas present for a friend.

Silent Bob

Beta needed for SPN/J2 Big Bang

Title: For the Heirs to Come, Be Brave
Genre: AU, Action, Drama, Gen. Slash
Type of beta you'd like: grammar/spelling/plot
Length: Multi-chapter and roughly 36,000 words.
Short Summary: Jared/Jensen/Misha AU Apocalypse fic. Jensen/Misha pairing. The three of them are trekking across the country trying to outrun the numerous earthquakes/fires/flash floods and are in search of their families and a safe place to ride out the end of the world.
Turnaround Time: Needed by 11 July.

If anyone can help, I would very much appreciate it.

Need beta for 2k-4k gen wip by 7/2ish

Title: N/A yet
Genre: Gen, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Casefic, Slight Angst, Kidfic (only in a short flashback), Rating: K+/T (PG-PG13)
Pairings or Characters: Gen, Sam and Dean
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar/spelling most wanted, would appreciate help with staying in canon/lore and Dean/Sam's voices too.
Length: Stand-alone wip, currently 1k, estimating final draft around 2-4k, final draft will be complete by 6/28, need beta'd by around 7/2
Short Summary: Story split up into scenes — Dean has a concussion and they stay up bickering watching netflix for a bit, Sam and Dean fluff during drive to case, Post-case Dean helps a hurt Sam to the car and notices the stars are bright, Flashbacks to other times Dean and Sam have watched the stars, Back to present Dean patches up Sam and they head back to the bunker

Thank you so much!

D Sneer

In need of a beta for spn_j2 big bang

Hello, I've recently completed my submission for the big bang this year, and I'm in need of a beta. I'm not sure how much I can divulge but:

It's a J2 high school AU, angst and fluff with a NC-17 rating. About 63k

I mainly need someone to check for typos, spelling, the plot, and characters. This is my first time really using a beta involving correspondence over the internet, so I'm a newbie when it comes to this. If anyone is willing to take that on, that would be beyond amazing.

I hope this community is still active. If not, could anyone please point me in the direction I need to go? Thank you!