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22 October 2011 @ 02:05 am
Dean/Cas Hogwarts AU Fanfiction  
Title: Untitled for now
Genre: AU Hogwarts Verse, Slash, PWP/WIP, Fluff, Smut, Romance, Genderswap, sexual touching between minors (depending on your country/state; legal where I live); NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CROSSOVER WITH HARRY POTTER! Some extremely minor characters in Harry Potter are mentioned but make no appearance in the fic.
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Cas, Dean/turned-into-a-girl!Cas, Dean/Lisa, Sam, hints of Sam/Jess, Bela, hints of one-sided Bela/Michael, mentions of Balthazar/Rachel, Bobby/Karen, Bela/Dean, and probably a few others I'm forgetting (minor characters)
Type of beta you'd like: I think I'll be demanding a lot here. A beta who has a vast knowledge of Harry Potter, maybe even more so than SPN; one who knows English slang (Bela, Balthazar and Crowley make many appearances in the stories); knowledge of Quidditch rules and different spells and potions a must (I researched these as best as I could but if anyone could back me up on this, I will love you forever); grammar, flow, and plot; characterizations (with the exception of House changes; I will not alter characters' houses as most were already predetermined by an artist whose work I'm basing these fanfics on); pretty much, I want you to pass judgment on me from everything as minor as the properties of flaxweed in potions to whether Dean would do X if Cas says Y. Apologies if I am demanding a lot but I'm hoping to find someone who's as much of a HP and SPN as I.
Length: 37k, already written (1st story 14k, 2nd 21k, 3rd is 2k PWP smut); may add a 4th story in the future but still undecided. I'm in no hurry to release these fics (mostly because this is the first fanfiction I've written for SPN and since 2005)
Short Summary: I have basically fused two and a half verses here. First, I have taken all of the major characters in SPN and found a way to make them fit into Hogwarts. Secondly, I have used Lalalettie's SPN/Hogwarts AU fanart as a template for many of the characters and fit them into the Hogwarts and wizarding world as devised by JKRowling. Or maybe that is just one, giant mess of fusion: SPN/Hogwarts/LalaLettie's fanart.

Images in particular that had a direct impact on the fanfics:

Quidditch Flirting
Interhouse BFFs
More Quidditch Flirting!
Class Photo
This was just begging to be written!
Bobby as Cas' daddy

I consider all 3 to be WIP. They take place in Dean and Castiel's 5th year, Sam's 3rd. I had taken liberties on canon and altered it based on what I have observed in Lalalettie's art (for example, that Dean and Sam are drawn closer in age). All 3 are connected but are meant to also be stand alone fanfics, following a continuity of events. Everything is written from Castiel's perspective, in 3rd person.

The first is very simple: Castiel and Dean's relationship at the start of 5th year is changing and they come to terms with it.

The second is a bit more complex: Castiel and Dean have acknowledged that there is something between them but struggle to take the next step. Throw in a prank gone wrong and Castiel ends up as a witch for a few weeks, aiding his insecurities about how Dean really feels about him when he notices Dean responding more positively to his female body than he had to his male body. This was most difficult for me to write since I have never been a fan of turned-into-a-girl! verses and I attempt to tackle issues of sexual orientation, and psychological responses to gender confusion. I need most help with this fic since I am not all that satisfied with it (plot wise).

The third: smut; takes place just before the O.W.L.s and is more light-hearted. I am most comfortable writing smut so this part probably came off better than the first two.

If anyone is interested, by all means, please comment! I would like to thank anyone in advance who responds to this because it is a monster of a task! This is my first time writing SPN fanfiction so be as critical as necessary. <3
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skylar_matthewsskylar_matthews on October 21st, 2011 06:24 pm (UTC)
I'm a little rusty on Rowling's Hogwarts and magic and I don't know the particular story you're referencing (nor am I all that awesome at American slang) but (other than this weekend, 10/21-10/23) I'm online nearly all the time when I don't have work so you can expect quick answers to any questions and I'll offer whatever additional help you require. If you have a link I'll even check out the fanfic you're working based on so I know that.

You can pm here on LJ or I can give you my email and you can ask there. Which ever works better for you.