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29 August 2015 @ 10:00 am
DCBB 2015 Beta Needed  
Title: The Healing Horn
Genre: Romance, Slash, mentions of Mpreg, Canon-divergent
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jessica
Type of beta you'd like: mild SPAG, plot and character consistency, flow
Length: 22k word one-shot
Short Summary: Dean has always been 100% convinced that unicorns don’t exist. He’s never met a hunter who had seen one. When he sees the headline about unicorn sightings in some woods, he only goes because he’s curious. He stays for the cute waiter. When people in town start getting healed and claiming the unicorn did it, things get a little more complicated. If there is a unicorn, what does it want, and why is it fixated on his new favorite waiter?

Canon divergent: everything pre-canon happened, but there was no apocalypse and Jess never died in a fire. Sam went on a couple of one-off hunts with Dean after college, but he is working as a lawyer now, John died of a heart attack a few years prior to the story, and Dean is now hunting alone. Also Cas is not an angel.

My posting date is October 8, which is less than a month away. Needless to say, the need is beginning to become dire.

I forgot to mention when I originally posted that I am open to swapping beta for beta for anyone that needs it.