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03 September 2015 @ 04:11 pm
Seeking DCBB fic beta (like everyone else these days) :)  
Title: TBA
Genre: Romantic Drama, Alternative Universe
Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Brief Castiel/Chuck, Past Castiel/April, Past Castiel/Meg
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: A bit over 20K
Warnings: Angst, alcohol use, low self-esteem/self-doubt, homophobic language, abuse, John is a crappy father.
Summary: Castiel Novak is devastated when Meg broke up with him, and now even his rebound won't call him back. Everywhere he goes in Lawrence reminds him of painful memories, so it's finally time to leave this city for good and he's not looking back. Everything goes great until he has to return for work and meets a random (and quite hot) stranger at a local bar. Then he starting thinking that maybe Lawrence isn't so bad after all.
I've read a lot of Dean/Cas stories where Dean is struggling and Cas helps him through it. This is no different except its from Cas's POV.

I'm looking for someone to help beta for plot holes and voice, but also to help me catch typos and grammar mistakes.

I only have it about 1/4 edited myself, so I'd like to get a beta on each 1/4 of the fic as I edit it, so I'd send you ~5k at a time.

I'd be happy to do a fic swap if anyone else needs a Beta for DCBB. Happy to beta anything w/o major character death in it.

Beta Found. Thanks!!