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27 December 2015 @ 02:46 am
Beta needed for Buffyverse crossover / Destiel / handholding  
Genre: Crossover / smut / general
Rating: 18 +
Pairings: Dean / Cas, Dean / Benny, Cas / Benny, Dean / Faith (Buffy), Meg / Faith (Buffy), Sam / OFC, Mary / John, Sam / Jess
Warnings: Sex, violence, possible minor character death, original characters, needy author
Word count: Varies, generally over 1000 and multi - chapters / multi - parts (crossover is approximately ten stories of various lengths plus timestamps).
Summary: I have three main projects: a massive Buffy / Angel / SPN crossover set post AtS and during season five of SPN; a Dean / Cas / Benny Terrible Life AU, and an historical AU that takes place in the mid - 1900s and includes Mary / John in WWII (non - explicit) and Cas / Dean at Woodstock (explicit).
Need help with: Grammar, syntax, repetitive phrasing, flow, Americanisms / Britishisms (I'm Canadian, we're pretty similar, but I need to Americanise my spelling and several of my characters are British); sex positioning / plausibility; research help, fact / canon checking, plot / world building, characterisation; confidence boosting and hand holding. For crossover, must have excellent knowledge of BtVS and AtS including post - series comics. Knowledge of French, Latin, and Enochian a bonus. Warning: will have to deal with lots of rambling.