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29 July 2016 @ 03:01 pm
Beta Reader Needed Pretty Please!  
Hey there :) so I'm looking for a beta reader (or two) to look over my entry for dcbb this year. Deadline for first draft is coming up soon (15 Aug) but my fic is still a wip. Have a feeling I'm not gonna make the final deadline this year but would really appreciate some help from anyone kind enough to offer *flutters eyelashes pleadingly*. Also could probably do with someone willing to give me the odd kick up the ass, haha...but i guess that would be asking for extras... Final word count should be 20,000+ but at the moment what I've written doesn't come close to that so you may only wind up beta-ing the first couple chapters. I'm determined to finish this fic eventually, just may not be in time for dcbb... Ugh, I'm rambling aren't I... Final deadline is some time after 1st Oct. Um, what else do I need to include in this? It's dcbb so yeah, destiel but there's a couple of other (temporary) ships in there too and also sam/ruby. Hmm, there will be at least one major smut scene (destiel) and the usual spn level of violence/language etc... People do die in this fic but not dean/cas/sam. If there's any other questions/concerns feel free to message me whenever and I'll get back to you asap. Please help a screwed fic writer in need, hugs to anyone who bothered to read all this <3

Update: No longer writing this for DCBB as I didn't make the deadline :( but still would appreciate a beta reader as planning on posting it chapter-by-chapter on a (possibly) weekly basis.

Title: A Very Supernatural Faerie Tale
Genre: Dark Fairy Tale/AU/Smut
Pairings or Characters: Dean/Jo, Cas/Meg - both temporary. Cas/Dean, Sam/Ruby and Jo/Meg - endgame ships. Also lots of other spn characters: Rowena, Claire, Kevin, Charlie and Crowley to name a few...
Type of Beta: Honestly anything you have to offer would be awesome. Bit of spelling/grammar and particularly Americanisms.
Length: Multi-chapter. At the moment about 8000 words (oh chuck) but should increase to 20,000+
Short Summary: Destiel fairy tale au with a bit of supernatural style darkness shot through it... There is death (but not dean/cas/sam). There will be at least one smut scene. Spn style violence/language.