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08 September 2016 @ 02:46 pm
Looking for Beta  
Hello all! I'm looking for a beta to help me with my first multi-chapter fic! (Also, my first time working with a beta! Eep!) The details are listed below. PM me if you're interested. Thanks! :)

Title: Life As We Know It
Genre: Modern Setting, RomCom
Pairings and Characters: Dean/Cas mostly. Background Jess/Eileen. Mentions of Charlie, Jo, Ellen, Bobby, John, Balthazar, Ana, Gabe, Benny, etc.
Length: I'm aiming for 10 chapters. I already have 4 done. Each chapter is somewhere between 2k - 3k words.
Summary: As the title might suggest, this is based on the movie by the same name. However, I have never seen the movie - I snatched the idea and ran away with it before someone could stop me. Basically, Dean and Cas are asked to share custody of a baby after their mutual friends die in a car accident. (The friends are Anna and Balthazar, FYI.) They start out pretty much hating each other, but then they grow to like each other, and then like each other, and then they finally become a couple at the end of the story.
Turn Around Time: It's a WIP, but I'm trying to keep at it so that I don't let it fall to the wayside. There is no official deadline.
Rating: Mostly fluff. There are some canon character deaths at the beginning of the story, but they happen "off screen." Dean and Cas will be dealing with their grief over that for a couple of chapters, but we move on pretty quickly. There will be one NSFW chapter towards the end which will be clearly marked so that people can skip it if they want to. So be prepared to edit that chapter, but otherwise it's slow burn & fluff.
Looking For: I need someone to bounce ideas off of, who can catch grammar mistakes, and offer feedback on pacing, character development, and coherence. The longer I stare at these words, the harder it is to tell if it's coherent!

You can PM me if you're interested! Thanks!