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Looking for a DeanCasBB Beta!

Hi there, I'm looking for a kindly beta to look over my DeanCas Bigbang fic. My posting date is Nov 9th so ideally I'd be hoping for a turnaround time of a couple of weeks to allow me time to fix any issues. Just looking for the usual spelling, grammar beta, and of course if there are any glaring plot holes I've missed, I'd definitely like to know about it.

Title: Dean and Cas (the beach house AU)

Rating: Explicit

Pairings: Dean/Cas, past Dean/Lisa, past Cas/Meg, brief explicit Cas/Alfie, barely there Dean/Benny, Sam/Eileen, Meg/Lisa

Length: 33k words

Warnings: Two brief incidents of non-consensual voyeurism, mentions of threesome

Tags: humour, angst, enemies-to-lovers

Posting Date: November 9, 2020

Summary: Finding out that your wife of nineteen years wants a divorce is bad enough. Finding out that she’s been cheating on you with her business partner for twelve of those years is a kick in the nuts. All Dean wants to do is lick his wounds in peace, and the beach house is the perfect place for that. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one who’s had that idea. Cas has just as much right to the beach house as Dean, and he isn’t leaving without a fight. Inspired by Grace and Frankie.

Beta found!! Thank you so much! :)

Tags: !beta request, -au, -rps, .spelling/punctuation/grammar

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