lilhellsangel (lilhellsangel) wrote in spn_betas,

Beta Reader for my personal shows ending

Hi there, I am from Germany and I am writing my story in english. I am trying to look for a beta reader to correct my grammer/spelling and also would love, if you could take a look at the charazerisation as well as the actual storyline.I had it betad already, but I would love to if anyone can take a cricital look again.

The story is about my personal ending of Supernatural. I always wished the boys would go out guns blazing and dying in the end. So, here it is.

Title: End of the line

Parings: None

Length: ~4k words

Warnings: deaths

Tags: drama, hurt/comfort, brotherly love

Summary: ...and if we die, we do that together, too.” My take on the shows ending. Storyline tied up to 15x17
Tags: !beta request, -gen, .characterisation, .spelling/punctuation/grammar

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