The Long and Winding Road (amypond45) wrote in spn_betas,
The Long and Winding Road

Beta Needed for DeanWinchesterBigBang Deathfic

Hi. I’m posting here in hopes of finding a beta for my 18K fic for this year’s Dean Winchester Big bang. I’m looking for mostly just a look-over for spelling and grammar, but am always open to comments or constructive criticism.

Summary: As a final FU to Dean, Chuck kills all his friends, then Sam. The next moment, Dean (with Sam’s dead body) gets sucked through a rift into an alternate universe where an alternate Sam has just lost his brother. Together, these two grief-stricken hunters find comfort in each other and, eventually, learn to find a way to live without their brothers, if only temporarily. Set sometime in the latter half of Season 15.

Warning: This is a deathfic. Sam stays dead and Dean has to find a way to go on without him. The ending is hopeful, if not happy. It’s my response to the finale, although most of it was written before that event.

Posting begins January 24.

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